Monday, November 28, 2016

Confusion is Coming

Confusion is coming. We read in the book of Genesis chapter 11 of the Tower of Babel, where the inhabitants of the earth built a tower and God caused confusion of their language, so they were scattered all over the earth. The New World Order and the Elite have their plans in order, and they think that they will rule the world, they will unite the world under one authority, their authority, but they have a surprise coming, because what God did before He will do again. There will be confusion, because God will destroy the unity of man, the works of man to prove that He alone is God. There's only one kingdom that will last forever that is the kingdom of God; there's only one Lord and Master and that is Jesus Chris. All other kingdoms will be destroyed.
Jesus Christ is Lord and He alone will reign. Confusion is coming and those who are part of the kingdoms of this world will be terribly disappointed and disillusioned. They will be scattered.
Those who belong to the kingdom of Jesus Christ, will be in the Light, because they trust Him. They are guided by His Holy Spirit, they will not be shaken.
Which Kingdom do you belong to? The kingdom of this world that will be shaken and confused, and destroyed, or do you belong to the kingdom of Jesus Christ that cannot be shaken. Confusion is coming.
May Jesus bless you.

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