Friday, November 11, 2016

Why you must follow Jesus and not the Bible

The Bible is the most
misused book in the history of mankind. It has been mistranslated,
misinterpreted, used to manipulate, kill destroy, deceive, mankind.
It has destroyed millions. The Bible testifies of Jesus Christ, Who
is the Way the Truth and the Life, but satan and his servants, those
who serve and follow him, have used the Bible to destroy many people,
and he is still using the Bible to destroy mankind.
That is why Jesus Christ
sent the Holy Spirit, His Spirit to guide us into all truth. He
Himself will come and dwell in those who open their hearts to Him,
who invite Him in. You either invite satan into your life, and
demons, and you are led to destruction; or you invite Jesus Christ
into your life and you listen to Him, you are guided by Him, you
follow Him.
The Prophet Jeremiah wrote
in Jeremiah 17:5 "Cursed is the man who puts his trust in
mankind and his heart turns away from the Lord his God." We have
to trust our Creator, we have to trust God Almighty. He has not
deserted us. Jesus Christ is Lord and He is not far away. If we call
out to Him, if we seek Him, He will reveal Himself to us. He will
teach us and He will guide us. If you embrace Jesus, call out to Him,
open your heart to Him, He will come in, and He will guide you. He
will give you peace. He will guide you into all truth. He gives His
Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, in those who want the truth, in
those who want life. The words of Jesus, the words of eternal life
were recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those are
the words of life, for those who obey them. If we obey the words that
Jesus spoke, the gospel of Jesus Christ, He will reveal Himself to
us. If we embrace Him, reject evil and seek Jesus with all our heart,
if we repent of our evil and are baptized in water as Jesus
commanded, He promised His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us,
Christ in us, not Christ far away, but Christ in us. We will know Him
for real. Jesus Christ will say to many Bible believers and religious
people, "Go away I never knew you," because they never knew
Him. Maybe they just knew the Bible. If you do not invite Jesus in
and trust Him fully; if you do not follow and obey Him and let His
peace be in you, be guided by His Spirit and truly get to know Him,
you will perish.
There's only one way to
have life, and that is Jesus Christ. Put your trust in Him, not in
the writings of men. Seek Jesus with all your heart. Ask Him, and He
will give you wisdom and understanding, because He cares for you.
Seek Jesus with all your heart, and He will reveal Himself to you,
and you will know Him for real. Follow and obey Him, and you will
have Life.
May Jesus bless you.

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  1. So true. Emphasising the written word in a book, deceives us to not seek the personal revealed truth of Holy Spirit to the believer/follower.