Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Get rid of your treasures and follow Jesus

Jesus Christ said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. That is it because a rich man does not have any need of God, he himself supplies in all his needs therefor, why will he ask God for anything. The same applies to religious people. It is almost impossible for a religious person to enter into the kingdom of God. The same applies to people who have been born into Christianity, those who have grown up as Christians. Very few of them will ever enter the kingdom of heaven because they trust in the doctrines, their religion, their teachings that they have been brought up in. To them and that is their security.

Many trust in their Bible knowledge, their interpretation or understanding of the Bible; but they have no knowledge of Jesus Christ. Neither will they accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They are rich in themselves, with the knowledge, the doctrine, and the  brainwashing that they have grown into.  That is their treasure. Unless we are willing to give up everything to follow Jesus Christ, our earthly treasures, our treasures of knowledge and religious theory, teachings; unless we are willing to regard all of that as garbage, trash, and totally trust in Jesus we will never follow Him, we will never know Him.

Religious people are unteachable. They are even unteachable to God. They refuse to listen to the Holy Spirit, they refuse to be taught by Jesus Himself and that is why most professing religious Christians will end up in hell. They will never know Jesus Christ, they will never learn from Him. We have to regard everything as trash and discard of it in order to be receptive for Jesus Christ. We have to seek Him above all things, ask Him to teach and guide us. If we distrust Him, if we want to test Him, test the Holy Spirit, against our

Bible knowledge, we are not worthy of Him, we do not trust Him; and such people will

never follow Jesus Christ. There are many religious people are like that in churches today,they are sufficient in themselves and they think they have salvation, but they do not have Jesus Christ. They will perish in their own deception.

Give up all your treasures, subject yourself to Jesus stand before Him as a pauper, let Him teach you, let Him guide you and you will have wisdom and understanding, you will get to know Jesus Christ for real.

May Jesus bless you.

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