Thursday, November 24, 2016


God is good to all people especially to the righteous. The favor and the blessings of God are in the house of those who walk in righteousness, but the curse of God is on the house of the wicked.
Today is Thanksgiving in the U.S. and people have received many blessings from God, but not all of us express our thanks to you Him. Many have turned their back on Him, many shun Him, reject Him and mock Him.
We must give thanks to God and thank Him you for everything that we have so undeservedly received from His hand, or else He will turn His hand against us, His curse will come on us, and we might not enjoy the same privileges and the same blessings that we have received from Him in the past.
Thank Jesus, praising Him, give Him glory. If we deny Him, He will certainly also deny us. If we reject Him then He will leave us to our own devices.
The choice is ours whether we want Jesus in our lives, or not and those who reject  Him will be sorely disappointed. Thanked Him and praise Him, give Him glory and honor because Jesus Christ is King of kings and the Lord of lords. Let us mend our ways and live in righteousness and holiness. Let us seek the favor of the King, Jesus Christ so that we can have peace and prosperity, because those who reject Jesus Christ will be in suffering and in darkness.
May Jesus bless you.

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