Tuesday, November 29, 2016

You Must Work

You must work. If you do not work, you should not eat. God has even written it in your hand. If you look at your hand. just open your right hand and look at it and you will see is an M. See that?  Man Must, turn it upside down W - Work. You must work. Every time you look in your hand you will get the message from God,you must work.
Many believers who call themselves Christians are too lazy to work. They are too lazy to work in this life, they lie around on the system, and they expect other people to take care of them, they are beggars and thieves. They think that they can enter the kingdom of heaven in the same way. They think they only need to believe in Jesus Christ to have salvation. That is a lie.
If we are not willing to work for the kingdom of God, then we are not worth of Jesus Christ, and we will have no inheritance in His kingdom. We have to expand the kingdom of God, bring others from darkness to Light. Teach them to work for and to build His kingdom but if we ourselves are too lazy to work then we will have no inheritance in the kingdom of God. Many believers are too lazy to witness for Jesus Christ, they deny Him. They are too lazy to physically work, they are too lazy to expand the kingdom of God, they just want everything for free. The kingdom of God is not for free.
Salvation is not for free. The grace of God leads us to salvation; if we follow Jesus Christ and we obey Him, we will work for His kingdom. Satan has deceived many believers and they say that it is a works gospel that I am preaching. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about working for the kingdom of God. The lazy servant will be cast out into outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth. If we are not willing to work for the kingdom of God,we will not enter. Just look at your hand and your friend at the message of God is written in there: Man Must Work. Work for Jesus why you can. Night is coming when nobody can work.
Only those who work for the kingdom of God will have the hope of entering.
May Jesus bless you.

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