Sunday, September 9, 2018

Christian Sickness

Christians are human, just like all other people. Jesus cam to this earth as a man, in a human body, the same as we have. Although He was the Son of God, He had no super powers, He felt pain and was subjected to the same weakness and temptation as we are. When you become a born again child of God, you are still human, and just like other people, you are subject to the same threats and physical limitations. You can also get sick like other people.

Does Jesus heal all sickness of Christians that ask Him for healing? No. Can Jesus heal all? Yes.

Why does He not heal them? Only He knows, and He can reveal it to us, if we ask Him and He wants to reveal it to us.

Nothing happens in the life of a child of God, that God does not permit. He directs our footsteps, He cares for us, and the devil cannot touch us or do more to us than God permits. Jesus will also not allow us to be tempted above what we can endure.

We are called for Jesus' purpose. We have to live for Him and subject ourselves to Him in all things. We have to trust, follow and obey Him in all circumstances, in sickness and in good health, in good and bad times.

We must always ask Jesus for His guidance and His will to be done. Jesus can speak to us through sickness also. That is why we must pray and ask Him to show us why we are sick. He will show us and give us understanding, maybe not immediately, but if we trust Him and stay with Him, we will learn. Our sickness may be caused by many things, including self inflicted reasons, like bad eating habits, misusing our bodies or nutritional deficiencies.

We must always first go to Jesus, pray and ask Him to show us. We can ask Him to heal us, or give us direction as to what we should do. I once had terrible pain in my shoulder that lasted for months. I could not lift my arm above my shoulder and I could not sleep on it ether. I prayed and that night I dreamed that I was eating jello (gelatine). I started using gelatine and in a few days my shoulder pain disappeared. I had a nutritional deficiency. Many times I was sick, I prayed and Jesus healed me.

Twenty years ago, I died of a heart attack. I left my body was on my way to hell and pleaded with Jesus to let me come back to life. He let me come back to be His witness and He taught me that we have to bear fruit or else we will get cut off and burned. Last year I became very sick and was diagnosed with rectal cancer. I went through many surgeries, had sepsis, was unconscious for a month in ICU, died twice and was resuscitated, went through chemo and radiation, followed by more surgery, enduring much pain, but I had the opportunity to witness to many whom I would otherwise never have met. The doctors and medical staff marvel when I walk into the hospital, they say that me being alive is a miracle and that God has a purpose for me.

Is it wrong to go to the doctor? No it is not a sin to go to the doctor, but where do you go first? To Jesus or to the doctor? In whom do you trust? Jesus knows. We have to bear fruit for Jesus and the kingdom of God, or else we are useless. Like seed growing in good soil, we must multiply, or else we are worthless for the kingdom of God. We must be disciples and make disciples of Jesus through our testimony in words and in deeds.

The question that needs to be answered is: Do we only trust in Jesus when we prosper and when we are in good health? Do we stay with Him when life turns on us, when we lose everything, when we are sick? Jesus will never leave us, nor forsake us, even in our struggles, disappointments, trials and tribulations but we will be tested whether we are faithful to Him.

We have many examples of people who remained faithful to God in the Bible; Job,   David and the prophets to name a few.

Sickness and eventually death, are part of life, but the questions to be answered are : Will we remain faithful to Jesus until the end? Will we bear fruit for the kingdom of God, even in old age? Are we like a tree, planted by the water stream, that bears fruit in and out of season? Are we faithful children of God, followers of Jesus?

May Jesus bless you.

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