Monday, September 17, 2018

Fruit of Repentance What It Is

There are many people who say that they BELIEVE IN JESUS, that they are Christians. But there is no fruit of REPENTANCE in their lives. They are exactly the same as the world. They haven't changed. What does REPENTANCE MEAN my friend? Repentance means that you DON'T SIN ANY MORE. It doesn't mean that I am sorry and I have done it again and o man I am a sinner and I am going to do it again, No! It means, I don't go there no more. I am not a smoker any more, I am not a fornicator any more, I am not an adulterer any more. I FOLLOW JESUS, I have TURNED AWAY from that. I am not serving me any more, I serve Jesus. I don't walk after my own mind and the desires of my flesh. I follow Christ. That is what repentance means my friends.

We read in Matthew about John the Baptist when he preached the coming of the Kingdom of God, of Jesus Christ coming. Then many people came to be baptized and amongst them were the RELIGIOUS PEOPLE of the day, they also came. They also wanted to be baptized, just to have a security, an insurance. Like many people today, they got to have a Church,

they got to belong to a Church. They just want, you know the insurance. It is not going to pay out my friend. Like many insurances, most insurances don't pay out.

Your Church is a bad insurance. The only true insurance is REPENTANCE. So these people also came to John the baptist to be baptized. Because they wanted this, just to make sure, you know. They also wanted to be baptized just in case. What did John the Baptist say to them? We read in Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Saducees,  these are of religious people, coming for baptism. He said to them,”You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? Therefore bring forth fruit in keeping with your repentance and do not suppose to say that you can say to

yourselves, we have Abraham as our father, for I say to you that God is able from these stones to raise up children for Abraham. And the axe is already laid at the root of the trees. Every tree therefore that does not bear fruit, is cut down, and thrown in the fire.”

My friends, we need to grow fruit, we need to produce fruit of repentance. FRUIT OF REPENTANCE MEANS, that everybody can see, Johnny is not the same guy any more. He is CHANGED. He don't curse any more, he doesn't go to these places, he doesn't drink. He doesn't listen to dirty jokes, he got rid of his television. He is not interested, he is interested in ONE THING, IN JESUS CHRIST. He is not interested in the insurance of Church any more because he found out that those guys are just selling insurance. They themselves don't know Jesus, because they are sinners. Their preacher tells them from the pulpit that they are all sinners. Because they are sinners. Johnny has changed, he is not going to that church any more. HE IS FOLLOWING JESUS! He has changed, he is a new man. He has become a CHILD OF GOD, he does not sin any more. He is not scared to testify for Jesus, he tells every body, that Jesus has came into his life,  and has changed him, has delivered him,  from all those vices. He is now a SON of GOD. He tells every body, he warns them,  he is concerned about them,  because they are going to HELL. He's got the LOVE OF CHRIST in him That is REPENTANCE my friend, that is showing the FRUIT OF REPENTANCE, it is when you become HOLY. And you WALK WITH GOD. You are not concerned about yourself any more,  about self realization, about ME. You become concerned about Jesus, about the Kingdom of God. Because my friend, every tree, every branch, that does not bear fruit,  will be cut off. Jesus said that, He said every branch in Me,  that does not bear fruit, will be cut off. And the axe is already lying at the root of the tree. Is the axe lying at your root my friend? Are you bearing fruit? Are you BEARING FRUIT OF REPENTANCE or  have you just bought some insurance? You just say I BELIEVE IN JESUS  and that is where it stops. Because the devil also believes in Jesus  and he SHUDDERS. Do you SHUDDER like satan,  he is scared my friend. satan shudders, because he knows,  he knows what is waiting for him. He knows he is going into HELL, into the pit. But he also wants to take you along,  that is why he is telling you a nice story.  He says don't worry, God don't care man, You got the insurance, you got a church,  you know those guys, the pastor says my brother,  God bless you.  But you know what, you don't know God.

If you KNOW GOD my friend,  if you KNOW JESUS CHRIST,  you BEAR FRUIT of REPENTANCE. Then this life is not interesting to you anymore, all that is interesting to you, is PLEASING JESUS CHRIST. Is testifying for Him, telling the world, to REPENT. Say my friend you got to repent,  you are on your way to hell. There is only ONE WAY and that is JESUS CHRIST. You want to see your friends in HELL? You want to go to hell my friend? You got to bear fruit of repentance, you got to show them the way. You know who the WAY is? JESUS CHRIST. And if Jesus is in you my friend,

 you will bear fruit of repentance. Many people say Jesus is in them,  but they bear the fruit of the devil my friends. What fruit do you bear? Are you bearing fruit of repentance? Are you a child of God? Or are you by profession a child of the devil,  because you keep on sinning. You do the works of your father, satan. Have you REPENTED? Are you a SON OF GOD? Can you only talk about Jesus. Are you on a new course? Have you changed direction? Can everybody see it in you, does Christ speak through you and in you? Does He live in you? Or are you still a SINNER?

REPENT my friend and  BEAR FRUIT OF REPENTANCE,  unless the tree gets CUT off. Because the axe is already lying  at the root of the tree.

May Jesus Bless you.

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