Sunday, September 16, 2018

Salvation Is Not About The Bible

Salvation is not about the Bible. It is about your relationship with Jesus Christ, the Living God; knowing, obeying and following Him.

Only Jesus Christ can give you eternal life. Jesus Christ alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus reveals Himself to those who seek the way to heaven, who seek truth and who seek eternal life.

Most Christian believers do not know Jesus. They are just religious. They believe in the Bible and they believe the doctrines and teachings of men. Many do religious practices, They go to church, listen to the teachings of preachers and have fellowship with other like minded people who also do not know Jesus. They all belong to the same

church denomination because they believe the doctrines of the church. They believe that they belong to the right group with the right beliefs. They feel themselves superior to those who do not belong to their group but still, they do not know nor follow Jesus. There are thousands of church denominations that have different beliefs, but they all believe they are right, they are only deceived hypocrites on the broad way to destruction.

Many study the Bible because they think that their knowledge of the scriptures will help them to get into heaven, but they do not obey the words of Jesus (the red letter words in some Bibles), as recorded in the Bible, in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The only way to have eternal life is to know Jesus, to obey and follow Him. The only way to meet Jesus is to humble yourself before Him, on your knees and to pray, seek Him with all your heart. Obey the gospel of Jesus, repent, turn away from sin and from going after your own ways. Turn to Jesus, plead Him forgiveness for your past sins, stop sinning, sin no more, be holy, be baptized in water as He commanded. He will make you new inside and take away the guilt of your past sin.

You must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven, you must become a child of God. Jesus gives you the new birth in your spirit, when you obey Him, repent and are baptized in water. He will baptize you in the Holy Spirit if you stay with Him. His Spirit, the Holy Spirit will come and dwell in you to teach and guide you in all things so that you can follow Jesus and do what is pleasing to Him.

It is all about your relationship with Jesus. you have to seek Him and stay with Him. Other people cannot help you. You must walk with Jesus every day. It is a lonely road, but it is the only road. Not many are willing to follow and obey Jesus. That is why not many are His true followers, children of God, who do the will of God.

In the Bible we read the testimonies of those who walked with Jesus, who heard Him speak and who followed Him, His disciples. They became the apostles who wrote the books of the New Testament, John, Peter, James and Paul, among others. Their testimonies were recorded to encourage the readers to follow and obey Jesus as they did. It is good to read but we have to follow Jesus ourselves and have our own relationship with Him. We have to know Him through His revelation of Himself to us. We have to know and follow Jesus.

Do you know Jesus? Do you obey and follow Him? Seek Him today and you will find Him. Follow and obey Him, stay with Him until the end. Without Jesus we have no hope of salvation.

May Jesus bless you.


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