Friday, September 7, 2018

Thank You

The past year has been the most difficult year in my life, but I am so thankful to Jesus for so many blessings and for Him keeping me alive to be His witness.

Last year this time I was very sick and getting  more sick by the day. I was in constant pain and could not sleep. I was praying and trusting Jesus for healing but the sickness just got worse. In November 2017 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and I had  colostomy surgery.

The surgeon made a mess, which led to emergency surgery and caused sepsis. I was unconsious for a month in ICU, during which time I died twice and had to be resuscitated. Few people expected me to survive. Many prayed for me and my wife held on to Jesus, believing that I would come out of there. I was having seizures and after Christmas a doctor stepped in and changed my medication. She believed I was allegic to the medication. My condition improved and in January I went home. I had lost more than 40 pounds, was weak, could not even brush my teeth. My wife took care of me, of my wounds also. I had huge open wounds on my abdomen. I was permanently connected to a vacuum pump and in constant pain. In all this time nothing was done to treat the colorectal cancer. I had to heal up and physically recover before anything could be done to treat the cancer.

Once my wounds had healed up and I had gained strength I went into radiation and chemo, 28 regimens. I was severely burned and had to recover for 6 weeks before extensive surgery was done in June 2018. It was a 7 hour operation during which the cancerous tumor was removed, my rectum and gallbladder were removed. Plastic surgery was done to reconstruct the area where the tumor was removed and huge hernias on my abdomen, caused by the first botched surgeries, were repaired.  Muscle was taken from my left thigh and routed into my pelvis.

I have been recovering from this last surgery and I still have a drainage pipe. I have all along been in pain and had to use pain medication to be able to function. It has been a long uphill battle and I still have a long way to go. There were many days I did not feel to get out of bed, but my wife faithfully nursed, fed, encouraged and helped me, prayed with and for me, day and night. She never gave up, never stopped looking after me. Even now, she is tending to the drainage cavity and pipe in my rear. I cannot do it. I cannot reach nor see there. I am not allowed to lift things, and my wife is doing everything for me, driving the car also.

 There were times that I wondered if I will ever be without pain again. Today was the seventh day that I did not take pain medication in many months.

I thank Jesus that I am so much better. I thank Jesus for His many blessings. I thank Him that I am alive to witness for Him. I thank Him for a wonderful wife that He gave me, who has stood by me all the way. I thank Jesus for the road He has taken me along, through pain and suffering, but He was with me every step of the way. I thank Him that I could testify to many people whom I would otherwise not have met, doctors, nurses and hospital personnel. I thank Jesus for providing for us in every way, for brothers and sisters who prayed for us and supported us financially and still do.  May Jesus bless you all and reward you, both now and in heaven. I thank Jesus that throughout I was able to keep on witnessing and making videos, testifying for Him. Even though for the most part I have not been able to sit, He gave me the words and enabled me to be His witness. He gave me the power to endure even through the pain.

Jesus is wonderful. His ways are wonderful. All His ways are loving kindness. It is wonderful to walk with Jesus. That is how you get to know Him, trust Him and experience Him. That is why I have a testimony that Jesus is alive. Three times in my life I have died and Jesus brought me back to life to be His witness.

Jesus could have healed me of cancer, without going through all that I went through, but He did not. He had a purpose, to be served and He knows best. I thank and praise Him. We have to follow Jesus and endure with Him all the way until the end.

All the glory and honor and praise to Jesus alone. Without Jesus, we can do nothing.

Thank you Jesus!

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