Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Guard You Relationship With Jesus

Most Christian believers do not understand that salvation is about knowing obeying and following Jesus Christ. It is not religion, it is a relationship with the Living God.

God revealed Himself in and through Jesus Christ who took on the form of a man, to take away the sins of the world and save many from eternal damnation. Jesus saves those who believe in Him and obey His teachings as they were also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus saves those who accept Him as their Lord and Master, repent, turn from their evil ways, are baptized in water and live in obedience to His teachings. He forgives their past sin, reveals Himself to them, they are born again, made new inside, and He gives His Holy Spirit in them, to teach and guide them and to be with them for ever. If they stay with Him, follow and obey Him until the end, He gives them eternal life. Those who disbelieve, reject and disobey Jesus, will perish in eternal damnation.
Most Christian believers practice religion. They do not obey and follow Him. They do not know Him. They do not have a real relationship with Him. Salvation is not about complying with a set of rules, and performing religious rituals. It is about our relationship with Jesus, obeying and following Him, staying with Him.
Our relationship with Jesus depends on our obedience to Him. If we love Him, we will obey Him and do what He commands. If we sin and disobey Him we destroy our relationship with Jesus.
If we care about our relationship with Jesus,  we will be very careful not to disobey Him and not to sin. If we do sin, the only way to restore our relationship with Jesus is to repent of that sin, with remorse and contriteness, to plead His forgiveness, and to make every effort not to do the same sin again. 
We have to constantly work on our relationship with Jesus and make sure that we do what is pleasing to Him in everything. The only way  that we can grow our relationship with Jesus is through constantly keeping Jesus on our mind, praying, being totally dependent on Him.
In all things we must ask His guidance and obey Him. He will guide and teach us, through His Holy Spirit that He gives in those who love and obey Him.
We have to guard our relationship with Jesus above all things, because without Jesus we have no hope, no expectation. Jesus warned that He will say to many Christian believers, when they die:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." They will be cast into damnation because they never obeyed and followed Jesus. They never had any relationship with Him. They were just religious.
How is our relationship with Jesus? Do we know  obey and follow Jesus? Do we truly know Him and does He know us? Are we guarding our relationship with Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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