Saturday, August 17, 2019


Many professing
Christians believe in Jesus, but they have never received Him, they
have never received salvation. They are not born again. They are just
believing sinners. We read in John 1:12,13 “But as many as received
Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to
those who believe in His name, 13who were born, not of blood nor
of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.”
Those who have received Jesus, embraced
Him, invited Him into their lives, accepted His Lordship and
submitted themselves to Him, obey His words, repent and are baptized,
they are born again. They receive a new life. They are born again,
new creatures in Christ. They are not sinners any more. They long for
the words and the revelation of Jesus. They yearn for Him and for His
Spirit to fill them and dwell in them. They yearn for holiness and
for the approval of Jesus. They walk in holiness and righteousness.
They are children of God. They are born of the Spirit of God. They
have not just had a change of mind and taken on religion. They have a
new heart.
Have you become sick and tired of your
life of sin, failure and despair? Are you tired of being a phony
false Christian, a dirty religious hypocrite? Then run to Jesus.
Accept Him, receive Him, receive His salvation that changes you into
an obedient child of God.
If you don’t want holiness and you
don’t want to be clean. If you still love your sin and enjoy the
pleasures of the world, then don’t waste your time with religion.
Only go to Jesus if you truly want Him and if you truly want to be a
child of God. All your religion and Bible knowledge will bring you
nowhere. You need Jesus. Receive Him and you will have Life. Receive
Him and He will give you salvation. He will make you new.
Have you received Jesus? Have you
received salvation? Are you a new creature, a born again child of
May Jesus bless you.


  1. I have never mentioned Mother of God, Apostles or Saints.
    Are they not important for our salvation?

    1. Jesus is the only way. He alone decides who will go into heaven and who will go into hell, dear friend. nobody else cn help us, only Jesus. We must pray to Him.

  2. Hm, maybe you are right, but I think they can help us a lot, I wonder if we prise the lord and not his Mother, I'm afraid if He will be angry...

  3. Jesus is the way. It is an abomination to pray to dead people.

  4. They are not dead, and I dont want to be dead too.
    if I am not worthy to ask God directly, they can help me to please Him
    to be mercy on me.

  5. They are dead. They cannot hear you nor speak to you. Don't believe catholic lies. It is all deception. Pray, speak to Jesus. He is alive. He will hear you and answer you.