Sunday, August 4, 2019


We must love Jesus more than anything
or anybody. In everything, obedience and loyalty to Jesus must be our
first priority. It is all about being WITH Jesus and doing His will.
We demonstrate our love for Jesus through our obedience TO Him, not
just through obeying His commandments, but through our RELATIONSHIP
with Him, being sensitive TO His Holy Spirit speaking IN us. We must
be driven by a desire to know and serve Jesus, a desire to be
pleasing to Him.
We only experience Jesus once we start
obeying Him. Many believe in Jesus, but they never get to know Him,
because they do not obey His words and commandments. We need to bow
down before Him, accept Him as our Lord and commit to live our lives
in obedience to Him and for His glory. We cannot go on living a self
centered life, of sin and running after pleasure and personal gain.
Such believers are only fooling themselves if they think they will
have eternal life. We have to become His sheep, who follow and obey
Him and live for Him and for the kingdom of heaven.
Many think that they need to work for
Jesus, witnessing, preaching, evangelizing, financially supporting
preachers and churches, doing charities. We cannot buy salvation
through good works and hard labor. If we are not doing it through
LOVE for Jesus it means nothing.
Loving Jesus is about being WITH Him
and doing things out of love, not out of compulsion. It is about
hearing from Him and doing what He tells us to do. It is about being
led by the Holy Spirit and following His guidance, which we cannot do
if we have not received Him. We cannot bear fruit for the kingdom of
God if we do not remain IN Him WITH Him. Many believers do not have
the Holy Spirit because they do not obey Jesus.
Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in those
who LOVE Him and therefor seek to OBEY Him and be pleasing to Him. We
only stay IN His love if we keep on following and OBEYING Him. Our
own plans and works cannot please Jesus. He does not need nor
appreciate our opinion and our innovations. We need listen to Him and
follow His plan. Without Jesus we can do nothing of value for the
kingdom of God. If we stay in His love, obeying Him, going after Him
He will fill our mind with His revelations, His thoughts and His
plans, guiding us to do His works.
Our own plans, innovations and
ambitions will distract us from Jesus and make us unfruitful for the
kingdom of God, if we go after them. Jesus calls us to be WITH Him,
trust Him and stay with Him all the way until the end.
Jesus calls us to discipleship, LOVE,
that is fulfilled in a life of utter dedication to Jesus and
obedience to Him. We are called to follow and be WITH Him all the
way, not just to believe in Him, confess Him and work for Him. Jesus
does not ask for sacrifice. He requires OBEDIENCE. It is all about
being WITH Jesus and therefor DOING what is pleasing to Him.
Jesus said:”
“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; and I
give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one
will snatch them out of My hand.” John 10:27,28. Do we love Jesus?
Are we His sheep? Do we HEAR His voice and follow Him?
we love Him, He will be our first priority. If we don’t we will

Jesus bless you.

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