Sunday, August 11, 2019


Many people are drowning in an ocean of
sin. They are on the road that leads to destruction. The only way to
escape eternal damnation is to be saved from that sin and to follow
the path of righteousness that leads to eternal life. Only Jesus can
save us from our sin and forgive our past sins, but then we have to
stay out of that ocean of sin, stay with Him, follow Him, be holy
and bear fruit of righteousness. Having been workers of wickedness we
must become servants of righteousness and builders of the kingdom of
Many people hear the gospel of Jesus
Christ, they believe and call on Jesus. He saves them from their sins
and addictions, but instead of following Him and staying with Him,
they go right back into sin. They were lost, drowning. Jesus saved
them, and then they jumped right back into sin. They are lost again.
When Jesus saves us, we must change
course, we must change direction, turn away from the way we used to
live, turn away from sin, turn away from the sinful worldly things
that we used to do, or else we will fall right back into sin and
addiction. Stop sinning, fornicating, adultery, sex outside of
marriage. Stop lying, cheating, lusting, gossiping, hating, envying,
hating, cursing, slandering. Get rid of those things, that tempted
you into sin. Throw away the cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. Stop
watching TV, movies, pornography, stop playing video games. Get off
social media. Get rid of those wrong friends. Stop associating with
and running after celebrities. Stop trying to be like and fit in with
worldly sinful people. Stop participating in senseless entertainment,
parties, worldly sports and pleasure, always eating out and running
after sensuality. Stop celebrating worldly holidays, Easter,
Halloween, Valentines day, Christmas and all the other holidays that
are designed to make you waste money and participate in fruitless
foolery. Stop trying to please people and be accepted by them. Stop
buying trash and every new technological toy, cellphone, car, fashion
fads, and things that you don’t need, with money that you don’t
have, that gets you further into debt and desperation. Pay off your
debts. Clean up your wardrobe. Get rid of revealing clothing. Stop
defiling your body with tattoos and piercings. Stop wasting money on
makeup, hair pieces, augmentations, plastic surgery and other
modifications. God made you good, beautiful enough. Thank Him for
what He gave you, take care of it and glorify Him with your body.
Stop living in a dream world and face reality. Stop being lazy and
slothful. Clean up your life. Get a job. Take responsibility for
your own life and your own destiny. Obey Jesus and follow Him or you
will end up in hell.
Obey Jesus. Call on Him to save you.
Accept Him, His words and His commandments, His way of living and
doing. Obey His words and commandments as recorded in Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John. Be meticulous to obey Jesus. Repent, STOP SINNING. Be
baptized in water for the washing off of your sin. SIN NO MORE.
Start living a new life, a life
dedicated to Jesus. Don’t join a church, don’t become like church
people. Go after Jesus, become like Him. Pray, communicate with
Jesus. He will communicate with you in your heart, your spirit, your
conscience. Read His words, the red letter words in some Bibles, in
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Fill your mind with His words and OBEY
them, act on them, live by them. Do everything in your power to do
right and not sin. If you in fail, immediately repent, ask Jesus
forgiveness and take the utmost care not to sin again. Practice makes
perfect. Do not fall back into sin, you will be swept away and be
lost again. Always go back to Jesus. Stay with Him. He will never
reject you, if you come to Him.
Keep your mind on Jesus, always praying
to Him, speaking to Him in your mind, in your Heart, then you will
not sin. You will always be tempted in various ways. Do not give in
to temptation and fall back into sin and be doomed. Many people fall
into sin and never get back out again. They die in their sins and end
up in hell. Every time you fall back it gets more difficult to get up
again. Many lose their confidence and believe that Jesus will not
accept them again, which is not true. Others stay in sin and put off
going back to Jesus. They hope to carry on in sin and get a chance to
repent on their death bed. They do not always get that chance. Many
people die every day, unexpectedly, unprepared and they are for ever
The only safe way is to follow Jesus
and stay with Him. All other ways lead to destruction. Are you
staying saved? Are you following Jesus and doing His will?
May Jesus bless you.

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