Saturday, November 30, 2019


Most professing Christians are just

lost sheep because they are not

following Jesus. They are following after

men, they are following after preachers and

churches and doctrines, They've never met

Jesus, they've just become religious,

Jesus never told us to build

churches or go to churches. He said:

"Follow Me." He commanded His disciples to

go and make disciples who hear His voice

and who follow Him. If we receive Jesus, if we

obey His teachings, His words, His

commands, repent and be baptized in water,

seek Him with all our heart, He gives His

Holy Spirit in us, He Himself comes and

He dwells in us and He guides and

teaches us. We come into communion with

Jesus, we don't come into communion with

other people, we come into communion with

Him. We do not become of the world or

like the world, we do not become like

other Christians, We follow Jesus Christ.

He calls us out. He calls us out of the

world, He calls us out of the church. He

calls us to Him to follow Him and He

guides and He teaches us.

He does not call us to religion, He is alive. He

speaks. His sheep hear His voice and they

follow Him. He does not callus to follow other Christians, to be like other

Christians, no matter how good they are

or were, like the apostles, like Paul. We are

not here to follow Paul. We are here to

follow Jesus and a wonderful thing is

that He has a unique path a unique

plan for each and every one of us. We are

uniquely wonderfully made to fit into

His kingdom and we can only be our part

if we listen to Him, follow Him if we are

His sheep. Jesus called us to follow Him,

not to be religious, not to conform to a

set of rules become, part of an

organization, to fellowship with other

Christians, He calls us into fellowship

with Himself because He has a specific

plan and purpose for each and every son

of God, because that is what He called us

to be, children of God, Jesus makes you

new, born again, a child of God. He puts

His Spirit in you and you need to listen,

follow and obey Him. It's not about

becoming religious, it is about

becoming a child of God, the son of God

that walks with God every day. Do not try

and be like other Christians. Do not look

for examples in the Bible of how you

should live. Obey the words of Jesus. Do

what He commanded as it is written down

in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and Jesus

will reveal Himself to you. He will give

His Spirit in you, He will guide you and

He will teach you. You will be a child of

God. He will guide you along the path

that He has prepared for you because

without Jesus we can do nothing and

it's not about religion, it's not about

church. It is about our living

relationship with the Living God. He

has a specific plan and purpose with

everyone whom He receives and brings

into communion, into fellowship with

Himself into the household of God. God is

calling you. Jesus is calling you into

relationship with Him to follow and obey

Him, to be a child of God and to be with

Him for eternity.

He calls us out out of the world out of

the church systems, out of the

We are called to be part

of the kingdom of God. That is what Jesus

calls us for. It is what he came for

to redeem for Himself a possession, His

own people, children of God. Are you a

child of God. Have you accepted Jesus as

your Lord and Master do you understand

that it is about following and obeying

Jesus, being a disciple of Jesus, being a

child of God. Without Jesus we can do


Our calling is to be children of God,

followers of Jesus Christ, to be with

Him for eternity. Have you received

Jesus Christ. Have you become a child of

God. Do you know Him. Do you hear His

voice and do you follow Him?

May Jesus bless you.

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