Saturday, November 23, 2019


Different Christian believers from
different nations and cultures have different perspectives of Jesus
and the kingdom of God. Their points of view and the pictures they
have in their minds are influenced by their culture, background, race
and other factors. Different groups also like to create images of
Jesus and the kingdom of God that fit their desires and ambitions
like the Black Hebrew movement that say that the original Jews were
black people and Jesus came into the world as a black man. All these
different perspectives are based on assumptions and imagination of
men. Americans have visions of massive mansions and streets of gold
where the redeemed will live in heaven, whereas the scripture
describes the New Jerusalem, not the kingdom of heaven. These images
and perceptions are used as selling points to influence people to
take on Christianity, and many are deceived. The sad truth is that
many worship an image of Jesus. They do not know Him because they
never met Him.
It is not sufficient just to believe in
Jesus. Jesus said that unless a man be born again he cannot see the
kingdom of God, neither can he enter. You must be born again of water
and of the Spirit of God. Jesus reveals Himself to those who RECEIVE
Him, OBEY Him, who REPENT, are baptized in water and who observe His
words, His teachings and commandments as recorded in Matthew, Mark,
Luke and John. He gives His Holy Spirit in them to teach and guide
them and be with them. He Himself comes and dwells in them.
He reveals Himself and the kingdom of
heaven to them, so that they know Him and His kingdom from divine
revelation, not from hear say. They hear His voice and they follow
Him. They do not run after people with cleverly crafted stories and
Have you received Jesus, obeyed Him,
been born again of water and Spirit? Has He revealed Himself to you
and do you know Him for real?
May Jesus bless you.

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