Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Many read the book of Jonah, how God
dealt with the prophet to warn and save the city of Nineveh, and they
do not realize that God never changed. He requires the same obedience
from His children, those who have received Jesus and were born again.
Salvation is not just a matter of believing in Jesus and making a
confession of faith. It is a transformation where you become hidden
in Christ, by denying yourself and taking on Jesus so that you are no
longer seen, but only Him who has come to dwell in you.
Jesus calls us to follow Him and become
children of God that will inherit the kingdom of God and have eternal
life. Many are called, many respond and start the journey but few are
willing to endure and stay with Jesus until the end. The price is so
high that few are willing to pay it. Many believe that they are
already saved and assured of eternal life, but they have been
deceived by satan to believe the false gospel and lies that are
preached in the world today The truth is not hidden. The words of
Jesus are plain and simple but brutally harsh and stark, as they are
written in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Following Jesus is a straight and
narrow way, the road of discipleship and absolute obedience to Jesus,
denying yourself, picking up your cross and following Him every day,
until the end. It is a road where you do not follow your own mind,
ambitions, desires and thoughts. You follow Jesus, under guidance of
the Holy Spirit and do as He directs. Reading through the book of
Acts it is obvious that the apostles did not haphazardly go out and
evangelize. They were directed by the Holy Spirit. They operated
under the authority of the Holy Spirit.
Walking with God means walking with
FIRE. We read in Acts 5 about Ananias and Sapphira, husband and wife,
who lied to the apostles and were struck down dead, under judgment of
the Holy Spirit. The fear of God came on the people.
The Holy Spirit teaches discipline and
utter obedience. His discipline and correction can be severe, and
those who do not respond to correction are cut off and burned. We can
only bear fruit for the kingdom of God if we remain in Christ do what
the Holy Spirit He tells us to do. The Holy Spirit requires absolute
dedication and obedience. “Or
do you think that the Scripture speaks to no purpose: “He jealously
desires the Spirit which He has made to dwell in us”? James 4:5.
The disobedient and those who do not
respond to correction will perish. I have for the last two years been
under the judgment of the Lord. Since Jesus called us, my wife and
me, we have been full time witnessing for Jesus. We used to live in
the country and about 3 years ago we moved back to the city, close to
the children. They bought a house and we started spending some time
with them, still daily doing our work on the internet, witnessing for
Jesus. Jesus warned me to cut it off and focus fully on the kingdom,
which was difficult to do, because the children were close by and
were always inviting us over. They were remodeling their house and we
would help. We felt that we were still doing the Lord’s work, but
He was not satisfied. I became very sick and was diagnosed with
rectal cancer. I was on the mend after many surgeries, chemo and
radiation when I fell sick again, this time I was diagnosed with
cancer in the lung. Our grandson was born when I first went in for
surgery and during my recovery we used to baby sit him some days,
when his mother started working again. We were still doing the Lord’s
work every day during this time, we never let off. However I had
disobeyed the Lord and was not totally focused on His and His kingdom
as I should have been. That is why the cancer spread to my lung. I
have refused chemo. The oncologist admitted that they can do nothing
for me. I am in the hands of Jesus. I am being punished for my
disobedience. I just thank Jesus that He did not cut me off yet, but
has given me this opportunity to repent and correct my ways. I am
house bound now. I am in severe pain and have been taking strong
medication. I am in so much pain that I can hardly walk. The
medication has affected my balance and I cannot walk without a
walker. My wife is looking after me full time and she herself is also
afflicted. When we were in disobedience helping our children with
their house she injured herself while raking stones. She has severe
pain in her groin and she limps, she drags her left leg along.
We can no longer
go over to see the grandchildren, but they can visit us. We are back
where we ought to have been, fully focused doing the Lord’s work. I
am hardly able to sleep more than an hour at a time, because of pain,
but being awake so much, I pray more and listen to Jesus. Neither
does my wife sleep much, because if I move, she checks on me. and
prays with me.
I have not been complete in the sight
of my Lord. He has rebuked me and is purifying me, correcting me. He
is giving me understanding, pruning me. He has shown me things in me
that are not right. I thank Jesus that He did not cut me off. He is
showing me mercy’ The pain that I am enduring is nothing compared
to the fires of hell. There is much work to be done. Many souls are
lost every day. If the Lord so wills, He will pick me up, heal me and
use me to bring many souls into His kingdom.
God’s discipline on His children is
SEVERE. He wants to FIX us and work PERFECTION in us. All His ways
are loving kindness. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. He who
began the good work in us will complete it if we yield to Him, stay
with Him and obey Him until the end.
May Jesus bless you.

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