Saturday, November 2, 2019

The LORD will make you NEW

If you RECEIVE Jesus into your life, He
makes you NEW inside. Becoming a child of God is not about changing
your mind or taking on Christianity. It is about being BORN AGAIN.
Putting a new patch of material on an old garment does not make it
new. Changing the label of a sinner does not change him into a saint.
As long as he keeps on sinning, he is a sinner and not suitable for
heaven. You need to CHANGE. Your heart needs to change, then you will
hate sin and not desire it, nor do it any more.
The wages of sin is death. The soul
that sins will die. Jesus blots out, forgives the past sin, of those
who come to Him and He promises them eternal life, if they turn from
sin and obey Him, live holy and righteously and SIN NO MORE. No
sinners will inherit the kingdom of heaven. You need to change,
become a saint, an obedient child of God.
Jesus can give you a NEW HEART. He can
make you NEW but He will only do it if you ask Him. He will set you
free from addictions and compulsions so that by your own willpower
you can resist sin and temptation. He will put you in control of your
life so that you can make the right decisions and take action that
will lead to life. Jesus offers us eternal life, on condition that we
accept, receive, follow and obey Him, become part of His kingdom. He
adopts us as His children, makes us new inside, set us free from
bondage of sin, but He will never force us to obey Him. At any time,
we can go back to sin, disobey Jesus, and do what we choose but then
we lose our hope of eternal life.
The question is whether we want to be
NEW. Do we want to be pure, holy, children of God? Do we want to be
free from the bondage of sin? Do we want eternal life? If we do, then
we need Jesus and everything that He requires of us. Jesus is the
ONLY one who can give eternal life. He is the only one who can make
us NEW, BORN AGAIN children of God, not SINNERS any more. Do we WANT
If we don’t want to be made NEW then
we are not interested in Jesus and will be wasting our time with
Christianity. If we don’t want to obey Jesus and be like Him, then
the kingdom of God and eternal life is not for us.
Most professing Christians are not BORN
AGAIN. They are just sinners with different labels. They are children
of the devil. Most of them confess that they cannot stop sinning.
They are doomed and destined for hell and damnation because they love
sin and refuse to come to Jesus to be made NEW, BORN AGAIN children
of God.
Have you received Jesus, been born
again, been made NEW, a child of God, who obeys Jesus and follows Him
in holiness and righteousness?
May Jesus bless you.

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