Thursday, November 28, 2019


Jesus came to this world for one reason
only and that is to save the world. He sacrificed Himself, suffered
and died, paid the highest price to redeem us from the wages of our
sins, which is death in eternal damnation. He was resurrected from
the dead. All power and all authority belongs to Him. Every knee will
bow before Him and every tongue will confess that He is Lord. He will
judge the living and the dead. Those who received Him, turned from
sin, obeyed and followed Him until the end, will have eternal life.
Those who rejected Him will go into eternal damnation.
Everything Jesus did, and what He is
doing right now is for man, for you and for me, it is all out of
love. He paid the price to save us. He cares for us. He is calling us
to come to Him, to be in communion with Him. He promises us
everything, gives His Holy Spirit to be with us, to speak to us,
teach and guide us, comfort us. He promises us eternal life, if we
stay with Him, but man does not want Jesus. They reject Him, mock
Him, curse Him. Most Christians do not want to obey Him. They want
His benefits, but they don’t want to stop sinning. They love the
pleasures of sin. They don’t want to hear Jesus. They do not want
to listen to Him, to His Holy Spirit. They rather want to read the
Bible, seek salvation in the Scriptures. They rather listen to
preachers and other people. They do not obey His teachings and
commandments, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They
rather follow the doctrines of men. They don’t want to pray and be
with Jesus, they rather want to be with other people, Christian
fellowship. They rather go to church and socialize with other people,
than to spend time with Jesus in prayer. They love the world and the
things of the world. They are so busy with entertainment, TV and the
pleasures of the world, that they have no time for Jesus. They just
want to believe in Jesus for salvation, but apart from that they
don’t want to have anything to do with Him. They keep straying from
Him. He calls them back, sets them free from the bondage of sin, but
they go back to sin, back to their vices.
Without Jesus we
can do nothing. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. We have to
follow Him know find the way, walk His way, and find the straight
gate, the narrow door. He is freely offering us everything that we
need to gain eternal life. He is sending His messengers to call out
warn and draw men to Him, but they do not want Him.
If you obey the words of Jesus, repent
and are baptized and seek Him with all your heart, He will reveal
Himself to you. He will speak to you. You will experience Him for
real, as He wishes us to know Him, but very few are interested. Very
few seek Jesus. Very few love and follow Him. That is why very few
are being saved. Most Christian believers will end up in hell because
they only believe in Jesus and they refuse to become disciples and
follow Him until the end.
Have you come to know Jesus for real?
Do you experience Him? Have you become a disciple and are you
following Jesus every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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