Wednesday, November 13, 2019


The world is in a terrible situation.
Wickedness and evil has taken over in all walks of life. The
situation is desperate. Many are dying of fear and desperation. Many
are committing suicide. Corruption is everywhere, even in the holy
place. Christian churches are most of them corrupt to the core. There
is no more integrity in governments and the legal system. Evil is
protected and justified. The family unit is destroyed. People are
treacherous and unfaithful. You cannot trust anybody. Women kill
their own babies in the womb. Children are not brought up with love
and discipline in the fear of the Lord. They have no example of truth
and righteousness, even from their parents.
We have all strayed like sheep and now
we are reaping the fruit of our separation from God, but there is
hope. God has not abandoned us. He will never forsake the work of His
hands. He made us and He cares for us. He wants us to help us, if we
would just return to Him with our whole heart. Our only hope is in
Jesus, to call on Him. The only hope is to become part of His
kingdom, the only kingdom that will last. All others will be
Jesus is MIGHTY to save. Everyone who
calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved. He answers ALL who call
on Him in truth. ”It is in repentance and rest you will be saved.
In quietness and trust, is your strength” Isaiah 30:15.
Return to God. TURN to Jesus. CALL on
Him. Trust Him and He will save you. Keep on praying. He answers the
prayers of those who trust in Him.
It starts with the individual. It
starts with YOU and ME. Do not look to other people. Turn to Jesus.
Go on your knees before Him. Humble yourself before Him. Call on Him.
Repent of your sin. Confess your sin to Him, all of it one by one.
Ask Him to forgive you and to take away the guilt of your sin, so
that you can be healed, soul, spirit and body. The wages of sin is
death. We are reaping the wages of our sin. If we continue along the
stray path our destiny is inevitable, destruction and damnation. If
you call on Jesus from your heart, you will immediately feel
depression and anxiety leaving you, hope and joy will fill your
heart. Jesus will change you of you TURN to Him and CALL on Him. He
will deliver you from your fear, anxiety and all your bondages. He
will CHANGE your life if you STAY with Him and keep PRAYING, keep
Stop doing evil. Stop sinning. Forgive
those who have hurt you and sinned against you. Ask forgiveness from
those who you have hurt and forgive those who have hurt you. Stop
going after your own lusts and after the pleasures of sin. Put your
focus on Jesus and remove, avoid, eliminate, turn from those things
that got you in the situation that you are in.
Be baptized in the Name of Jesus for
the washing off of your sin, as Jesus commanded. There is DELIVERANCE
in baptism, not in the water but in the act of obedience to Jesus.
You will be DELIVERED of your bondage and from demons, addictions and
Him to fill you with His Spirit so that instead of being full of
demons, you will now have the Holy Spirit in you, instead of demons
speaking into your mind, you will have the Spirit of Jesus leading
and guiding you to freedom and victory.
We can do nothing without Jesus, but if
we turn to Him, obey Him, TRUST Him and PRAY, then His Spirit flows
through us to change us and the world around us.
We cannot change ourselves. We cannot
change other people. We cannot change the world , but Jesus can and
He will, if we turn to Him and PRAY.
PRAY for His will to be done because He
knows best. Pray for Him to intervene. Pray for yourself, your
children, your loved ones, your country, your government, your
president, your enemies, the whole world. Always pray. Keep praying
You will see the hand of God moving in
May Jesus bless

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