Saturday, November 30, 2013

Called For Duty Not For Pleasure

The UNBELIEVERS who have not committed themselves to Jesus Christ and have not submitted themselves to Him to serve Him as Lord and Master, they follow after their own desires and there own ambitions. They think they are FREE but instead of being free they are slaves, they are SLAVES TO SIN, THEY ARE SLAVES TO THEIR OWN AMBITION.
The person who follows after Jesus Christ is FREE from the bondage of sin, he is not a slave of his own ambitions, or of peer pressure, what other people think of him. He is FREE TO DO THE WILL OF GOD but he has COMMITTED HIMSELF to DO the will of God.
Jesus has not called us for a holiday to be free to do what WE WANT TO DO. He has CALLED US TO DUTY, to DO HIS WILL every day, to GO AFTER HIM. He has a job of work for every disciple EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are called for service in the Kingdom of God but they voluntarily SUBMIT THEMSELVES to Jesus , they VOLUTARILY REPORT FOR DUTY every day and they DO THE WILL OF GOD. That is the NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE, the Duty of a Child of God, a Disciple. He reports for duty every day and he WORKS for the Kingdom of God. He is CALLED TO SERVE, he is CALLED TO DUTY.
Many believe in Jesus but they don't KNOW Jesus, they DON'T SERVE Him, they have not committed to Him. They are not part of His Kingdom. They will not inherit the kingdom because they will not follow Him, they do not report for duty every day. They are not WITH Jesus. Jesus said:”Where I am there my servants will be also.” They will be working because they ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST. Are YOU where Jesus is? Are you doing your duty today? Do you follow after Him every day and perform the task that he has called you for?
Are you PART of His Kingdom? Are you PART of the Kingdom of God? Do you fulfill your purpose or are you living in false hope of eternal life when you do not even KNOW or SERVE the Savior?

May Jesus bless you.

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