Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bogus personal prophecies

Many people are deceived by false prophets who prophecy prosperity, good things into the lives of believers. A true servant of God will never prophecy about your well being. A true servant of God will expose the darkness in your life and will bring you on your knees before the living God in fear and in awe. The kingdom of God is not about YOU or ME or about our greatness. It is about Jesus Christ, serving HIM as Lord and Master.
The way of eternal life is the way of the cross, of denying yourself, picking up your cross daily and following Jesus. It is a road of suffering, not of glory, not of pleasure and fun and prosperity in this world. It is a road of rejection, persecution, of suffering for Jesus Christ. If you truly follow Jesus Christ you will be hated by all men, you will be rejected by this world. You will not be regarded, you will not look for fame and prosperity and acceptance of this world, you will be seeking for the glory and acceptance, the approval of the Living God. It would not matter to you what people think of you. All that will matter is to endure with Jesus and to be pleasing to Him until the very end.
Beware of the false prophets that prophecy NICE THINGS over your life, they are servants of satan. Get on your knees and serve the one and only Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, bring glory to HIM because glory is due to HIM not to you and me. Build the kingdom of God and you will have an inheritance with Jesus Christ.
Do not run after the lies of false prophets but rather stay on your knees, listen to Jesus and let His Spirit guide you. His sheep listen to HIS VOICE and they follow HIM, they don't listen to false prophets that bring them good tidings.

May Jesus bless you.

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