Sunday, February 14, 2016

Easy Salvation Options - Every church has it's own

Every church and denomination preaches their own option, their own way to salvation. That is why there are so many churches, big churches, small churches, popular churches, mega-churches, they all have different teachings but they all believe that their road leads to heaven.

There is only ONE WAY, and that is Jesus Christ. There is only one Door through which we will enter into heaven and that is the Man, God, Jesus Christ. Every knee will bow before Him. Every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Also those who despised Him and denied Him. They will confess in the end that He is LORD. In the end they will confess with great regret that Jesus Christ is LORD. We will all stand before Jesus. The only way that we will enter into the kingdom of Heaven and have salvation is if we OBEYED Him, is if we followed His way. His way is very clear, it is the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, His WORDS as recorded in the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those words are very clear. Those who disobey Jesus Christ will perish.

Most Christians disobey Jesus. They belong to some brand of Christianity, they follow some OPTION of salvation as preached by their church of choice, according to THEIR interpretation of the Bible, according to their LIKING. What really matters is: Did we OBEY Jesus Christ? Because He will say to most professing Christians: "Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." They are ALL sinners. They say they cannot stop sinning. They use Bible verses to prove that they cannot stop sinning. They don't love the truth, they love their sin, and they love LIES, and that is why Jesus will turn them away.

There are no different options. There are not different ways. There are no different teachings that will lead to eternal life. There is only ONE WAY, and that is Jesus Christ. There is only ONE TEACHING and that is His teachings, that which He commanded. Those who disobey Jesus will PERISH. Those who obey Him will get to KNOW Him and He will give them His Holy Spirit in them to guide them and teach them and they will truly know Him and follow Him. They will become part of His kingdom, right here and now on this earth, but those who reject Him will be for ever LOST.

Are you following some teaching or your own opinion, your own insight into the Bible,? Or have you submitted yourself to Jesus Christ? Have you come to KNOW Him? Do you OBEY and FOLLOW Him, or will you be eternally, disillusioned, disappointed and regretful because you did not seek nor follow the truth? You rejected Jesus Christ!

Are you following Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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