Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Real Christians do not involve themselves with Politics

Real Christians do not get involved with politics. they are not of the kingdoms of this world, neither of the political parties. They are of the kingdom of God. We are here to build the kingdom of God and to execute His will. Jesus taught us to pray:"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done..." If we go and vote and exercise our own will, our own choice at the polls then we are not seeking the will of God, we are seeking our own opinion and our own will.

It is God Himself who appoints rulers and who takes them away. We have to build the kingdom of God, bring people into obedience to Jesus Christ.

If Jesus Christ reigns in our heart we become part of His kingdom and He determines our life. We are here to build the kingdom of God, not the kingdoms of this world. The kingdoms of this world will all pass away. There is only one Kingdom that will last for ever .

No man can serve two masters. Which kingdom are you part of? Are you part of the kingdoms of this world or are you part of the kingdom of God? Whom do you serve? Jesus Christ, or the kingdoms of this world that will perish? Where is your treasure? In heaven or here on earth?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. So in other words, you're telling us to let our countries fall into total dictatorship?

    1. If we serve Jesus and trust Him we will have peace. The condition of the world today is the result of people ignoring and defying Jesus. The result is anarchy. Wickedness rules.