Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stay In His Presence

We are always BEFORE Jesus Christ but very few stay WITH HIM. Many believers go and pray and spend some time WITH Jesus but after they prayed they do not stay WITH Him. They go their own way and they follow their own mind, they go after their own things and they forget about Jesus. They are still before Him but they are not WITH Him.

Even those who have received the Holy Spirit, most of them do not stay IN HIS PRESENCE, they do not  stay WITH Him. They do not follow after Him. They might set some time aside for prayer and meditation but then after they have spent that special time with Jesus, they leave Him, they ignore Him. They go their own way and they go and do other things.

We have to stay WITH Jesus, stay IN HIS PRESENCE. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and He dwells in us but we have to STAY WITH HIM, we have to FOLLOW Him. We can only be pleasing to Him if we remain IN HIS PRESENCE, if we maintain that AWARENESS, stay FOCUSED on Him throughout the day, wherever we go, whatever we are , we must always have Jesus on our mind, do everything to please Him and ask His approval, His guidance in everything. We have to go where He sends us and do what He tells us, then we remain IN HIS PRESENCE, then we FOLLOW Him, very few do.

Do you stay in His presence? Do you stay WITH Jesus? Is your mind on Him, constantly? Or do you go away from Him from time to time?

We can only PLEASE HIM if we STAY WITH Him. We have to remain IN HIS PRESENCE.

May Jesus bless you.

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