Sunday, February 28, 2016

Overcome FEAR

The righteous have nothing to fear. Those who have submitted their lives to Jesus Christ and who are living to please Him, have no reason to fear because nothing can touch them that Jesus does not allow to come onto them.

Job was a righteous man and satan could not touch him because God protected him. satan could only do to Job what God allowed him to do to Him.

If we have submitted our lives to Jesus Christ and we are following Him then He guides our footsteps, He determines our life and we have nothing to fear. Many believers are living in constant fear and uncertainty. They worry about many things, they are anxious and they are stressed. It is because they do not TRUST Jesus. If we trust Jesus we will not fear  because perfect love drives out fear.

If we submit our lives to Jesus and we live to please Him then we live in confidence , we live in His peace and we pray for His will to be done in our lives. Nothing can touch us , nothing can happen to us that is not of His making. If you are living in fear and uncertainty and if you are worried about many things , submit it to Jesus. take it to Him in prayer and trust Him to make all things to work together for good because He cares for you. You can only overcome fear by fully trusting in Jesus Christ.

If you are living in sin that separates you from Jesus, REPENT of  it and SUBMIT to Him and then trust Him, obey Him and you will have confidence. You will have no more reason to fear.

Submit to Jesus, trust Him and FEAR NO MORE because He cares for you.

May Jesus bless you.