Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Those who DISOBEY Jesus Christ will PERISH

Those who disregard Jesus Christ will PERISH. Many people, many nations disregard Jesus Christ. There are nations that cling to their forefather spirits, and to teachings of the elders. There are many Christians who go after people, who run after the world, after psychology, after the customs of this world. They disregard Jesus Christ and they go after their own mind. They will PERISH.

Many of them call themselves Christians but they go after their own application and interpretation of the Bible, they go after their preachers and the teachings of their churches but they disregard the teachings and commands of Jesus Christ, they do not fear Him. They do not serve Him and they will perish.

There is only one way to eternal life and that is Jesus Christ, not only to believe IN Him but to OBEY Him. If we believe that Jesus Christ truly is whom He said that He is, that He is Lord and the Final Judge of men and that we will be judged by His words, His commands, then we will OBEY Him.

Those who disregard Jesus Christ and who disobey Him will not have eternal life. They will perish. You can read your Bible, you can go to church, you can be religious but if you do not  obey and follow Jesus Christ you will perish.

Obey Jesus Christ, REPENT, STOP SINNING, be holy, be BAPTIZED IN WATER, be FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT  and follow THE GUIDANCE of the Holy Spirit or you will certainly perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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