Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why Most Christians Are Unfruitful

Most Christian believers are nor fruitful for the kingdom of God and the reason why they are not fruitful is because they are not IN Christ. Jesus explained, as it is also recorded in the gospel of John chapter 15, that if we do not remain IN HIM, we cannot bear fruit. On our own we can do nothing. If we are not led by the Holy Spirit we cannot do what is pleasing to Him.

Most Christian believers are busy with other things. They are not WAITING on Jesus, they are not led by the Holy Spirit. The are doing Bible study, or they are listening to other people, or they are following their own minds. Their mind is not on Christ. They are not TUNED IN to the Holy Spirit and therefor they are UNFRUITFUL.  We can only be fruitful in the kingdom of God if we are led by the Spirit of God and if we DO what the Holy Spirit guides us into doing.  He will not force us, He will GUIDE us IF we follow Him, if we go after Him, if we SEEK the will of  God, if we SEEK Jesus Christ in prayer, if our mind is on Him all the time, if we ask Him for wisdom and guidance and we stay focused on Him, then He can use us. Then He will speak to us. He will teach us, He will guide us, He will reveal new things to us, but if we go and seek for revelation or guidance or teaching from other places, if we listen to other people then we will not hear Jesus speaking to us. He will not compete with other voices.

His sheep listen to His voice and they follow Him. They WAIT on Him UNTIL He speaks to them, WHEN He speaks to them and they DO what He tells them to do. They are His SERVANTS and therefor they bear fruit.

Every tree that does not bear good fruit will get cut off and burned. Every branch in Christ that does not bear fruit will get cut off and burned.

Most believers are only concerned about THEIR salvation, THEIR dedication to Jesus, or to the church, THEIR Bible study. It is not about YOU or ME dear friend. It is about the kingdom of God, it is about the KING, Jesus Christ, WAITING on Him, LISTENING, OBEYING Him, being in tune with Him every moment of our lives. Nothing happens without purpose in the life of a child of God.  He guides our footsteps. All things are His SERVANTS, and if out eyes are on Jesus and our hearts are PURE we will SEE God, we will see His hand, we will HEAR Him and we will RECOGNIZE His VOICE when He speaks to us.

Are we fruitful? Are we being led by the Holy Spirit? Are we doing what the Master commands us to do or are we just religious and deceiving ourselves? We have to seek His approval, His guidance, His peace, His wisdom. We have to seek Jesus Christ and stay IN HIM to be able to bear fruit.

How is our fruit? Is Jesus Christ pleased with our fruit?

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

    May Jesus bless you