Saturday, February 13, 2016

From the Heart

The gospel that is being preached in churches today is utter garbage. Churches preach a FORMULA to avoid hell and spend eternity in heaven with Jesus Christ. All of that is an utter LIE. Salvation is not about a formula. It is not about just believing in Jesus Christ and the story of the baby Jesus and how He was crucified for mankind and now if we believe in Jesus, we can have eternal life. That is a LIE.

The truth is that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God Himself in the flesh and if we do not accept Him and obey His teachings, if we do not turn from sin and follow Jesus Christ, obey Him, if we do not truly love Him then we will not have eternal life. If we do not come to KNOW Jesus Christ for real and serve Him from the heart then we hope in vain, then the gospel that we have believed in will disappoint us because it is an utter LIE.

The truth is that if we obey the words of Jesus Christ, that  He Himself delivered, the gospel of Christ, if we believe those words and obey them, repent, turn away from sin, seek Jesus with all our heart, be baptized in water, as He commanded, if we purify ourselves and open our hearts to Jesus, He will reveal Himself to us as REAL. We will get to know Him and He promised His Spirit, the Holy Spirit to come and dwell with us, Christ IN us, to guide us and to teach us and to give us wisdom and understanding, to reveal Himself to us and in us and through us, but if we do not love and serve Jesus Christ from the heart, seriously , with all that is in us, then we will not have eternal life!. If we do not have Jesus now then we will not have Him the day that we die. We will be LOST for eternity. We cannot fool Jesus, we cannot get to heaven by following some formula, a few steps, a recipe, one two three, that is a LIE from satan. We need to KNOW Jesus Christ the Living God for REAL and SERVE Him from our heart, every day. if you do not LOVE Him and if you do not SERVE Him He will say to you:"Go away, I never knew you" like He will say to most church people, believers who think they were Christians. They never knew Him and He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." We have to REPENT, turn away from our own ways and follow Jesus and LOVE Him more than life, then we will have eternal life, and if you don't love Jesus from the heart you are only fooling yourself, and then you hope in vain.

Get serious about Jesus Christ, seek Him with all your heart and all your power and follow Him, obey Him, love Him and DO what He commands you to do. Get serious with Jesus from the heart or perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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