Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Christians out of touch with God

Most professing Christians are totally out of touch with God. They do
not know Jesus Christ. They do not know what is happening in the kingdom
of heaven. The do not know what God is doing. The are up to date with
the newest technology, they have got the newest cell phones and they
think they know what is happening in the world but they do not know
what is happening in the spirit world. They are spiritually,
dysfunctional, they are spiritually deaf, blind and dead. They have no
relationship with God.

Those who are being lead by the Spirit of
god, THEY are children of God. They follow Jesus Christ every day and
they do what is pleasing to Him. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth
teaches them and guides them , He guides them into all truth. He tells
them things to come, He tells them what is happening in the spirit
world. He informs them of what is happening in the kingdom of Heaven.
They are not ignorant to what God is doing because they listen to the
Master. His sheep HEAR His voice, they LISTEN to Him and they follow

Are you in touch with God? Do you hear His voice? Do you follow
Him? Or are you just deceiving yourself? If we are not following Jesus
Christ every day then we are not His disciples, we are not His sheep.
Religious people only deceive themselves, they play church, they play
religion, they study the Bible, they go to church and they have
fellowship with other deceived souls but they have no fellowship with
the Living God. The are LOST and DOOMED and they call themselves

If you are not following Jesus Christ, if you are not in
touch with Him and if you do not stay in touch with Him you are lost and
doomed and destined for destruction.

Get to know Jesus Christ for real. Listen to Him and follow Him or else you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

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