Sunday, May 15, 2016

What it means to ACCEPT Jesus Christ

Most Christian believers have a total misconception of what it means to
ACCEPT Jesus Christ. We read in John 1:12 that all those who have
accepted Jesus Christ, or received Him, have the authority, or the power
to become sons of God, to become children of God. It just depends on
which version of the the Bible you read what you make yourself
understand from those words. But to accept Jesus Christ means to totally
submit yourself to Him as Lord and Master. If you believe that Jesus
Christ is indeed whom He said that He is, that He is the Son of God,
that He is God Almighty, that all power and all authority belongs to
Him, that His words are the words of eternal life, accepting Jesus
Christ means to ACCEPT Him in TOTAL, COMPLETELY, to accept His words,
His commands, to accept Him as your MASTER and your LORD, your KING,
your everything and to serve Him, to OBEY Him and to do as He commanded.
people have been told that if they just accept the Lord Jesus Christ,
just believe in Him and say a simple prayer, say:"Lord Jesus I accept
You as my Lord and Master" then their name is written in the Book of
Life and they will have eternal life, they will go to heaven. THAT IS A
LIE! That is not what Jesus said.
If we believe in Him then we
accept Him as MASTER, we deny ourselves, turn away from sin, do not live
for ourselves any more but then we live for Jesus and the Kingdom of
God, we live our lives to please Him, for the rest of our life. He gave
His life to save us so if we want LIFE we have to lay down our lives for
Him, we have to live to please Him, live in obedience to Him, SERVE Him
as Lord and Master. If we have not done that, if we have not submitted
our own will, our own desires, our own plans, our own life to Jesus
Christ and if we are not living to please Him and doing what He
commanded and what He guides us into doing every day , if we do not
serve Him , then we have not accepted Him. Then we have no part in Him
and we do not have any hope of eternal life. If we do not know Him for
real and serve Him as our Lord and Master we are not children of God.
Then we have never become children of God. If we are not born again of
the Spirit of God and we have not become like Jesus then we are none of
Most Christian believers are totally deceived because they do not know Jesus Christ, they believe LIES.
you found the truth? Have you found Jesus Christ and have you truly
ACCEPTED Him? Are you SERVING Him as your Lord and Master?

May Jesus bless you.

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