Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Foolish Mind - Word from the Lord May 20, 2016

The Word of the Lord came to me while I was praying. I wrote it down and share it with those who have ears:

“The Foolish Mind trusts in himself and in other people, the wisdom of men and the lies of satan. The foolish mind rejects God and the wisdom that comes from above. He trusts in what he sees and hears with his natural senses but he rejects the Spirit of God.

What eyes have not seen and ears have not heard, that which is planned in secret is not hidden to God and He reveals it to the wise, those who trust in Him and wait on Him, those who listen and believe when He speaks to them.

The foolish mind thinks that he can protect and preserve himself through his own plans and schemes but his plans are in vain because he does not know nor believe the truth.

Purify your heart, cleanse your mind and your heart, your deeds, from wickedness. Repent from your own plans and foolish wisdom and trust fully in Me. Set your mind on Me and My kingdom and I will reveal the truth to you. I will guide and teach you. I will instruct you on the way that you must go. I will teach you My ways and guide you in My truth. Trust in Me only. Stay with Me and you will find the way to Life. Endure with Me and you will enter My kingdom.

Calamity, disaster and horror will come on those who rejected Me and followed their own foolish minds.

Warn them to come to Me and be taught by Me.”

May Jesus bless you.

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