Sunday, May 1, 2016

Walking in Truth

The whole world is in the power of darkness because people believe lies. We are being lied to. The world economy operates on lies. The media operates on lies. People believe things that are palatable to them, things that they like and they avoid the truth.

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world and He gives light and truth to those who know Him, who listen to Him and who follow Him. He gives His Holy Spirit to those and in those who seek the truth, who seek Him. Those who follow Jesus Christ will never be in darkness because He is the WAY and the LIFE and the TRUTH and His Holy Spirit is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH that will guide us into all TRUTH if we trust Him and LISTEN to Him, if we OBEY Him. Those who disregard and reject Jesus Christ will be in darkness, they will be brainwashed, they will perish.  But those who follow Jesus Christ every day, will walk in TRUTH.

Are we walking in TRUTH or are we in darkness?

May Jesus bless you.

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