Friday, May 6, 2016

No last minute salvation before death

Many professing Christians believe that they can live their lives in sin and disobedience to God, they can keep on backsliding and live for their own pleasures and for the lusts of their flesh and at the end of their lives when they have wasted their lives on themselves, then they think that they can  ask Jesus forgiveness and enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Salvation is not just about believing in Jesus Christ. If we believe that He is Whom He said He is, that He is LORD, God Almighty, then we will obey Him. He said :"If you wish to come after Me, deny yourself, pick up your cross and follow Me." Jesus Christ gave His life as ransom for those who were without hope, who were in bondage of sin, who were destined for hell. If we believe in Him then we turn away from sin and we repent, we obey Him and we live our lives to please Him. we do not waste our lives on the pleasures of sin and on the lusts of the flesh and then hope to enter His kingdom.

When He calls we must answer because if we want to come to Him when it suits us it will be TOO LATE. He will say to us:"When I called you would not listen, When the door was open you would not enter. Now you will call and I will not hear you. I will not listen to you." We cannot live our lives to please ourselves and then hope to repent and be saved at the end of a life that was wasted on the pleasures of sin. God is not mocked. He is not fooled. He knows whether we love Him or whether we don't.

If we love Him and we want eternal life then we will live our lives to please Him. We will obey Him. Do not be foolish like so many believers who think that they can enjoy the pleasures of sin and still enter the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus will say to those who knew the truth and who disobeyed the truth, those who hated Him and who do not love Him, He will say to them:"Go away i never knew you, you workers of wickedness."

Are we living for Jesus now? Because if we don't we will not spend eternity with Him in the kingdom of heaven. Serve Jesus now, until the end or else you will not enter His kingdom.

May Jesus bless you.

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