Wednesday, May 18, 2016

You will die - The end is near

You will die, my friend, and I will also die. It is appointed for man to die once and thereafter comes judgment. We are not going to live for ever, that is for sure. Neither is this world going to last for ever. This world with all it's pleasures is passing away. It is being depleted. They are talking about global warming. The resources of this world are being depleted. This world is being polluted, used up, destroyed. It is not going to last. It is coming to an end. But before this world comes to an end we might just come to an end. We might just die before that happens and my friend, then eternity waits, but eternity is reality because it is appointed for man to die once and thereafter comes judgment. But the wonderful news is that the Creator of all this, God Almighty, is inviting us to become immortal, like He is immortal, so that we can be united with Him and live for ever.
It is written:"This world and it's pleasures are passing away but those who do the will of God will live forever." My friend, the only way that we can escape death, eternal death, is by accepting Jesus Christ as our King and our Lord and our Master because we are perishable, but through Christ this perishable can be exchanged for that which cannot perish, for eternal life in Christ Jesus and that is REALITY. What we see and feel, our flesh, that can perish and it will perish, that is for certain, but what is not perishable is SPIRIT. God is SPIRIT. He is the Father of all spirits and He has given us a spirit and our spirit is separated from the Spirit of God by sin, because God hates sin. He is pure. We can be united with God and live for ever but we have got to get rid of sin. We can come back into the presence of God like Adam was separated from the presence of God because of sin.
Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world, my friend and He will take away your sin and mine IF we OBEY Him, if we accept Him as our Lord, as our KING , as our utmost absolute Master and we serve Him then He will unite us with God the Father. He is the LINK. He died on a cross on Calvary to take away our sins and He will decide who will cross that barrier from death unto life.
If we accept Him as our Lord and Master He pulls us from death unto life BUT we have got to stay with Him. Many people have accepted Jesus and now they believe they are SAVED, they are NOT. We are saved if we ENDURE in that relationship with Him until the end, but if that relationship dies then we die with it and we are eternally DAMNED.
My friend, there is only ONE WAY to escape eternal death and damnation and that is Jesus Christ but you don't only need to believe in Him you have got to OBEY Him and you have got to form a SPIRITUAL UNION because when you invite Jesus to be your Lord and Master, when you accept Him as God and King, then you SUBMIT yourself to Him and you start listening to Him. He, His Spirit unites with your spirit, His spirit comes and lives in you with your spirit but then you have got to OBEY Him and just as you have been and you are born with a conscience His Spirit comes and lives in you more and more as you obey Him more and more and you grow into unity with Him. The majority of people do not grow into a unity with Christ. They connect with Christ and then they sever again, then they divorce and they are for ever lost and the majority of Christians are going to have a very sad surprise when one day Jesus will say to them:"Go away I never knew you," because they met Him, maybe. they heard about Him, they believed in Him, they asked Him for forgiveness of sins and then they believed they were saved and they went back into their former lifestyle, they did not follow Him.
Jesus calls us into that relationship with Him where we get to KNOW Him, we become spiritual people and where we override our natural urges and our natural nature which is SINFUL, we override it, we deny it, we say I WILL NOT SIN, I WILL NOT DO WHAT I WANT TO DO, I WILL OBEY CHRIST. Then my spirit becomes alive and I grow spiritually. I grow into that relationship with Jesus Christ where I HEAR His VOICE and I LISTEN to Him every moment of my life, UNTIL I am finally united with Him at death, because then this body falls away, it dies but my spirit is alive because I have connected with Jesus Christ.
Now the question I want to ask you, my friend is: Did you connect with Jesus Christ? Did you find the King? Did you find LIFE? Did you find the Master? And then , did you STAY with Him and has that relationship grown? Have you grown into Christ? Or do you just believe that you are saved but you don't know Him
He says:"My sheep know My voice and they LISTEN to Me." Do you know His voice and listen to Him? Are you actively in a close relationship with Jesus where you are following Him, where you are utterly focused on Him every moment of your life? Is Jesus Christ your LIFE? If He is not than you are spiritually dying or dead, my friend.
Jesus is LIFE. You have got to get into that close relationship with Him and STAY with Him and that relationship must GROW until you are utterly LOST into Christ, where His mind permeates you, where his Spirit permeates you, where your spirit becomes ALIVE and you deny your flesh.You are not interested in your natural urges and lusts and desires any more.
This body is useless but the spirit is life and God puts life in us when we connect with Him through Jesus Christ and we grow that relationship with Him where we get to know Him better and better every day.
My friend, to have friends is of little benefit but to know God is of eternal benefit and to take your friends to Jesus, to be united with Him into eternal existence. Have you got the hope of eternal existence or are you still spiritually severed and dead, destined for eternal extinction and damnation in hell? There is only one way, my friend, and that is ACCEPT Jesus as your Lord and Master, turn away from sin and from self, your own selfish nature and become UNITED with Him in SPIRITUAL UNISON where you hear His voice and you follow Him every moment of your life. Jesus Christ is LIFE. Get to know Him, my friend, before it is for ever too late, before that silver thread is cut and you die and you are LOST into eternal damnation.
May Jesus bless you.

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