Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saved from the raging FIRE by Jesus Christ

We have been watching the reports of the terrible fires in Alberta, Canada  and it brought to mind years ago when we were caught in such a fire.

We were clearing some land and burned some grass and weeds that we had taken out. It was a calm day and it was a small fire but suddenly the wind picked up and we had a raging fire going. We tried to put out the fire but the wind turned around and the fire was in our face. We were suddenly surrounded by flames. There was no way out. I called to the Lord and immediately the direction of the wind changed  and the fire was pushed into the land that was already burned and there the fire died.

It was the hand of God that not only saved us but prevented the whole estate from burning down.

Many times I have called on Jesus and He immediately heard and answered my prayers. He is always with us. We must just call out to Him and He will help us but we must honor Him and tell the world that Jesus Christ is alive. He saved us from the raging fire and He saved me many times when there was no other hope.

Jesus Christ is ALIVE!

May Jesus bless you.

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