Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Foolish Theologians and their Deceived Followers

Very few of the Pharisees,
the theologians of the time, believed in Jesus Christ. They were more
interested in the scriptures and that is why Jesus said to them:"You
diligently search the Scriptures in there to find eternal life but
you refuse to come to Me to have life." Nothing has changed. The
modern-day theologians are exactly the same as the foolish Pharisees.
The modern-day theologians
pride themselves in their knowledge of the scriptures, that is the
treasure. Their treasure is not Jesus Christ. The other night the
Lord Jesus spoke to me, He gave me the name of a modern day
theologian, I heard RC Sproul. I do not know this person so I went
on Youtube and listened to a few videos of this person and some of
the renowned modern theologians that debate the Scriptures and try to
prove Jesus Christ and their faith from the Scriptures. These people
try to outwit each other by their knowledge and interpretation of the
Scriptures, but sadly they have no knowledge of Jesus, Christ because
they do not know Jesus.
Salvation is not about
what you have in your head, it is about being a new creature because
you are born again of the Spirit of God. When you hear the gospel of
Jesus Christ and you believe and you obey Him, you obey His words,
you repent and turn away from your own wicked ways and you turn to
Jesus, to obey and follow Him, and you are baptized in water, then He
makes you new inside. One of these Pharisees came to Jesus at night.
We read in John 3,Nicodemus came to Him and Jesus said to him, that
unless you are born again you cannot see the kingdom of God, you
cannot enter the kingdom of God, These people debate and they pride
themselves of the knowledge of the scriptures and they think that
they have eternal life, but they don't have Jesus because they do not
have a testimony of Jesus Christ. They read, study, and absorb the
dead letter of the word, but they do not hear the Master himself,
they do not receive fresh manna from heaven. Jesus Christ is not
living in them, they are bogged down, tied down, and fenced in, by
their carnal understanding of the Scriptures, and Jesus Christ does
not fit into their limited understanding because they do not have the
Holy Spirit.
Many follow these foolish
theologians in the hope of gaining wisdom, understanding and
salvation from their theories and teachings but I don't have life in
them because I don't have Jesus Christ in them. They debate the
Scriptures instead of following Jesus Christ. None of the disciples
of Jesus went around explaining the Scriptures. They preached the
gospel of Jesus Christ and lives were transformed, because those who
believed and obeyed the gospel were changed by the power of God. The
gospel of Jesus Christ produces a new creature. You cannot prove God
or Jesus Christ from the Bible, but if you have met Jesus and you've
been transformed by the Holy Spirit, if you've been born again then
you know Jesus for real, then you are a new person. You are not a
sinner anymore. You do not go to the same places, you do not have the
same taste, you do not have the same outlook on life anymore, because
you have met the Master. You can see the kingdom of God, you are
changed because the Spirit of God has transformed you, has made you
new, a new creature. Unless you are made new by the Spirit of God you
cannot enter the kingdom of God. If you are born again you are not a
sinner anymore then you are a saint. You follow Jesus and you do the
will of God. You listen to His voice, He guides you and He teaches
you. You do not seek for inspiration from old dead scriptures; you
seek your guidance and inspiration from Jesus Christ Himself, because
you know Him and you follow Him.
Do not follow after the
foolish theologians who themselves, sadly, do not know Jesus Christ.
Go after Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart. Invite Him into your
life, believe His words. obey Him. Obey the gospel of Jesus Chris.
Repent and turn away from your own senseless existence and you will
be transformed by the power of God. If you obey Jesus repent and be
baptized,He will transform you, He will give His Spirit in you to
teach and guide you so that you can have understanding of the kingdom
of God and you will not need to listen to the foolish theologians,
who have no knowledge of God. They only have their own carnal insight
of the Scriptures, their own opinion and their own carnal mind.
Get your focus on Jesus,
seek Him with all your heart, go after Him and He will guide you into
all truth, because Jesus Christ Himself is the way and the life and
the truth. His words are Spirit and life. Listen to Him, listen and
your soul will live.
May Jesus bless you.

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