Saturday, June 3, 2017

Jesus Saves and Protects - My Testimony

Jesus Christ saves and He
keeps. He saves us from sin, He saves us from ourselves and He keeps
us. He protects us. He provides in all our needs. He keeps us from
stumbling and He keeps us from harm. So many times in my life Jesus
has protected me. He has prevented me from being killed, from getting
Just during this week I
was on a construction site. It was wet and slippery and I slipped and
fell on some building debris. I came down very hard but it was
absolutely amazing that I did not get hurt. I fell very hard on some
very sharp objects. I could have broken a leg or a hip or I could
have knocked my head on something, I could have been very very badly
hurt. When I got up from the mud and the debris and I inspected my
body I saw that I only had a few minor scratches. It was truly
amazing that night, when I thought about it, I had no pain I had no
swellings. Jesus kept me from getting hurt. His angels carried me in
their hands.
It's just so amazing, so
many times in my life Jesus has kept me alive. He has kept me from
harm, because Jesus is amazing, He is God. He looks after His
children, not because they are good but because He is good and if we
accept Him as our Lord He takes care of us. Even though sometimes we
might not be faithful, we might not be faithful, we might stray from
Him, we might do what is wrong, but He doesn't change. He is God, He
is good. We often get disappointed and frustrated when things do not
work out the way that we wish but God is good and He takes care of
us. Jesus never changes. I look back at my life and there are so
many times that I should have been killed in an accident. I flew my
own airplane for many years and I got in some serious trouble, in bad
weather where many other pilots have got themselves killed, but Jesus
kept me alive.
My wife and I have been in
very dangerous places, lived in dangerous places where people get
killed for as cellphone or for a few dollars, or for nothing, but
Jesus kept us He protected us. We never had a gun, we never tried to
protect ourselves, but Jesus kept His hand on us. He protects his
Many years ago we were
traveling in Namibia and the front wheel of the truck burst; we were
towing a camping trailer. We were six people in that truck and when
that front will burst that truck left the road; I lost control but I
remember just saying:"Lord help." The truck and the trailer
was totally destroyed and the six of us crawled out of that wreckage
virtually unscathed. Jesus kept His hand on us He protected us.
He protects His children.
Nothing can happen to us if Jesus does not allow it. He protects his
own and that is why we must thank Him and praise Him in all
situations. We must see Him, see His hand in whatever happens to us,
whether it be good or bad fortune, sickness or health. We must see
the hand of God, because He is with us. He stays with us, He keeps
us, He protects us. Jesus Christ saves and keeps, He looks after His
own. He is faithful. Jesus shows His goodness and His mercy to those
who love Him, who find their refuge in Him, who trust Him. and
therefore we must serve Him with all our heart. We must give Him
glory and honor. We must obey Him and stay with Him because He is God
Almighty, He is wonderful, but He is also consuming fire to those who
stray from Him, to those who
keep on doing wrong.
Jesus will chastise us,
He will correct us and if we do not listen, if we do not obey, if we
do not mend our ways and turn to Him; do what is pleasing to Him,
then Jesus will cut us off. Jesus did cut me off almost 19 years
ago. I had a heart attack and I died, and I was cut off. I was on
my way to hell. I was not serving Jesus in the way that He requires
of us. He requires discipleship, He requires total dedication, just
like he is dedicated to us. He is a jealous God. I died and I was on
my way to hell but Jesus had mercy on me. I pleaded. I said:"Lord
let me just go back and tell the world that Jesus is alive and hell
is real" and Jesus gave me a second chance to come back to
witness for Him; to tell the world that Jesus Christ is the living
God. You cannot fool around with Jesus you will end up in hell.
Jesus requires discipleship, not just that we believe in Him. We
cannot use Him nor abused Him. Jesus gave everything for us and we
must live our lives to please Him.
Jesus died for us, He paid
the ultimate price but we have to die to sin and we have to die to
our own ambitions, to our own ways and submit ourselves to Him. We
must serve Him with all our heart. Jesus gave everything for us and
we have to give everything for Him. He does not accept half-measures.
Do not despise the grace of God, because Jesus is drawing us closer
to Him, to walk in His perfect will, but He will not tolerate
disobedience. If we deny Him, He will deny us. If we keep on straying
from Him, disobeying Him then we will end up in hell. Submit your
life to Jesus, make Him the Lord of your life and experience that He
is good. Serve Him with all your heart until the very end, because
Jesus is the only way. He is the truth and the the life. Seek Him and
you will find Him and you will experience the goodness of God, the
goodness of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. Praise be to His Name.
Jesus Christ is Lord.
May Jesus bless you.

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