Thursday, June 8, 2017

The uncertainty of following Jesus Christ

To follow Jesus Christ
means to live a life of uncertainty and most people do not trust
Jesus enough to let go of everything and follow Him. Without faith it
is impossible to please God.
Christians say they
believe in Jesus for salvation but that is where their faith stops.
If we are not willing to follow Jesus into the unknown, into the
uncertain future, then we cannot be His disciples. Jesus does not
just require of us that we believe in Him, but that we put our faith
into action. If we truly believe in Him, we will in the first place
obey His words, repent of sin repent, of our own ideas, our own
ambitions, our own plans; we will give it up for Jesus and commit to
follow and obey Him. We will obey Him and be baptized in water, and
then He promised his Holy Spirit to come and dwell in us, to guide us
and to teach us. Jesus said:" The one who loves Me is the one
who obeys My commands." We have to prove our love for Jesus by
in the first place obeying His commands; repent and be baptized.
Most believers never do that. They just believe in what they do not
know, they believe in Jesus for salvation. They want security, they
want a guarantee of salvation, and they get that guarantee from some
Bible verses, but they have never followed Jesus. They do not really
believe. They have not heard His voice and therefore they cannot
follow Him. If we are serious about following Jesus we will obey His
commands, repent and be baptized, and seek His guidance; we will go
after Him because that is what Jesus said. He said:"Follow Me."
How many believers are following Jesus? Very few, and yet they
believe they have salvation. They believe that they will enter the
kingdom of heaven, but they are deceived, because they never followed
Jesus, they never got to know Him and He will say to them:"Go
away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." He will
say:"You never followed Me, you never heard My voice. You never
sought to hear from Me, you were not interested in my kingdom. Why do
you want to come in here now?"
Most believers are not
interested in Jesus or in the kingdom of God. They just don't want to
go to hell and therefor they will do the minimum that they believe is
required to have salvation, but they will be disappointed eternally
when they find out that their faith cannot save, them because their
faith never went into action. Tey never trusted Jesus, they were
never serious about following Him. That is the tragedy of most
believers; they do not know Jesus, they do not have faith and they
will never follow Jesus
We have to follow Him
wherever He guides us, but first we have to sacrifice ourselves,f our
own desires, our own plans, our own ambitions, and we have to commit
to follow Jesus. But most believers will say to you:"How will I
live? What will I eat? How will I dress myself? What car will I
drive? Will I have a wife? Will I have children?" Jesus calls us
to follow Him into the unknown, into the uncertain, but at the end He
promises us a certain salvation. Most believers trust more in
themselves, in their own plans, their own ability, their own opinion,
their own interpretation of the Bible. They trust in other people,
they trust in the church, the pastor, the economy, the government,
the doctor, but they don't trust in Jesus. They just trust in Him
fore some salvation that they do not really know how it works, but it
sounds good the way that it was presented to them by the lying
preachers who themselves do not know Jesus; neither do they follow
We have to be willing to
deny ourselves every day, to deny your own thoughts, you own
ambitions, your own desires, your own fears and insecurities, and
pick up our cross, go after Jesus. Trust Him. If we cannot trust Him,
we cannot follow Him. If we are not serious about following Him, and
He will not take us seriously. Most believers will say to you that
they asked Jesus to speak to them but He never speaks to them. They
never hear His voice. It is because they are not serious, they are
worried about themselves. They are not concerned about Jesus or about
His kingdom, or about being part of His kingdom. Jesus said:"Seek
first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all the other
things will be added unto you," but very few trust Jesus enough
to follow Him.
Not even preachers trust
Jesus. Most of them are hirelings. They sell their services to their
church or they start their own church, that is their means of income.
They trust in themselves, they trust in other people. How can they
guide you to Jesus? How can they make disciples of Jesus if they
themselves are not disciples; if they themselves do not know Him nor
follow Him. They do not know His voice. Maybe they know a few Bible
verses and they deceive the people, as they themselves are deceived,
but they are not following Jesus Christ.
If you follow Jesus then
everyday is uncertain. Your trust is in Jesus, not in your social
security, or your job, all your own securities that you've
accumulated for yourself; your banking account, all your crutches
that you have accumulated, the things that you trust in, your
securities. If you follow Jesus you let go of all of those. You
abandon everything and you thrust yourself onto Jesus. You follow Him
every day. Jesus said we should not worry about tomorrow, only about
today and that is how you follow Jesus, one day at a time. It is an
adventure, it is total uncertainty but without faith it is impossible
to please God. If you are serious with Jesus then He will reveal
Himself to you, but we have to demonstrate through our obedience to
Him that we are serious, that we truly want to follow Him and that we
are really interested in the kingdom of heaven.
Not many people will enter
heaven. Many believe they are saved and very few know Jesus Christ.
Do you know Jesus Christ? Are you serious about following Him? Do you
hear His voice? Do you follow Him every day, or are you also
deceived? Do you also believe in some salvation that will never
materialize? Get serious with Jesus and He will reveal Himself to
you. There is only one way to have eternal life and that is to follow
and obey Jesus, to go after Him every day, into the unknown, into
that which is uncertain, and the only way that you can do that is by
totally trusting in Jesus Christ. That is faith that can save you? Do
you have that faith? Are you walking in that faith, following the
Master every day?
May Jesus bless you.

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