Sunday, June 18, 2017

The SECRET of Hearing the Voice of God

Jesus said:"My sheep
hear My voice and they follow Me." He did not say that some of
My sheep hear My voice, all of His sheep hear His voice, but not all
Christians are His sheep; not all believers are really interested in
hearing the voice of God. Most Christian believers are not interested
in knowing Jesus. They are not interested in the kingdom of God. They
just want salvation and they don't want to go to hell.
Some of them want to hear
the voice of God, but for their own purposes, and God is not used nor
abused by men. Jesus Christ is Lord and we are here to glorify Him,
to serve Him, to follow Him and to obey Him. The kingdom of God is
about Jesus. Jesus invites us to follow Him. Jesus promises His Holy
Spirit gifts to those who love Him, who obey Him and who follow Him.
Jesus promised the baptism in the Holy Spirit to all those who obey
Him, but believers are not interested. Some believers have a serious
desire for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and to hear the voice of
God, but then instead of staying with Jesus and persisting with Him,
seeking Him with all their heart, they start listening to the
theologians. They start listening to other Christians, who are not
followers of Jesus, others who are not His sheep and then they follow
after those sheep, instead of seeking Jesus with all their heart.
Jesus said:"Whoever is thirsty, come to the waters and drink."
He invites everybody but not all believers are thirsty. Very few seek
the will of God. They seek their own desires, they do not want to do
the will of God. They do not want to really hear the voice of God and
therefore because they are not serious they never get to hear His
If we are serious about
following Jesus Christ and we seek him with all our heart then He
will quickly answer us. He will reveal Himself to us, but we have to
press on in. We have to seek Him with all our heart, be diligent, be
persistent and we will learn that the kingdom of God is not about us
and about our desires, it is about Jesus Christ and doing his will.
People want to hear from God for their own purposes. God speaks for
His purposes, for the building of His kingdom. If we are not
interested in Jesus Christ, in knowing Him, in His kingdom, in
serving Him, in being pleasing to Him, then we will not hear from
Him. His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him because they love
Him and they want to serve Him. If you truly seek Jesus and you want
to serve Him, if you want to be part of His kingdom, you will hear
His voice. He will speak to you. He will reveal Himself to you. Jesus
said:"He who has My commands and keeps them is the one who loves
Me, and me and My Father will come and dwell with him and I will
reveal Myself to him." If you truly seek Jesus and you obey His
words, then you will get to know Him for real. He will reveal Himself
to you. He will speak to you. He will guide you. He will teach you
and He will give you understanding; but if you persist in your own
ways, if you trust more in what other people say, if you trust more
in what you read in the Bible, then you can forget about it. Jesus
will not speak to you.
Jesus said to the
Pharisees:"You diligently search the scriptures in there to find
eternal life but you refuse to come to Me to have life." Do you
want life? Do you want to hear the voice of God? Then seek Jesus with
all your heart. Seek Jesus with all your heart and He will reveal
Himself to you.
May Jesus bless you.

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