Monday, June 19, 2017

Salvation is NOT a Contractual Guarantee

Salvation is not a
contractual guarantee based on your confession of your faith in Jesus
Christ. You are not entitled to certain benefits and expectations
because you trust in Jesus Christ. To trust in Jesus Christ cannot
save you if you do not follow and obey Him. These things that I just
mentioned are some of the lies that are being preached by Bible
teachers. They say that if you trust in Jesus you have salvation and
you will enter into heaven. That is a lie.
You are not entitled to
certain benefits based on Bible Scripture just because you believe in
Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said that whoever wishes to come after
Him must deny himself pick up his cross and follow Him every day. The
condition for salvation is to follow and obey Jesus Christ until the
very end. There is no guarantee of salvation. Many of these are false
teachers are celebrating a salvation that they promised to other
people, based on Bible scriptures. They believe these lies but they
have no relationship with Jesus Christ.
You cannot base your
salvation or Bible verses. Your salvation is based on your
relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not based on words that are
written on paper. It is based on your fellowship with Jesus Christ,
whether you have the Spirit of Christ and whether you follow and obey
Him, whether He knows you and you know Him and you do what is
pleasing to Him. We have no entitlements, no rights, no expectations,
other than the hope of eternal life, IF we continue to follow and
obey Jesus Christ until the very end. We have to obey His words as
they are also recorded in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
repent and be baptized in water, be filled with the Holy Spirit and
follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Obey Jesus Christ, seek Him,
seek His kingdom, live for Him and live for His kingdom. Live
according to His words and He will reveal Himself to you. He will
teach you and He will guide you, but at no stage are we entitled to
any benefits. We are living in the hope of salvation, we have the
hope of final salvation as long as we stay with Jesus Christ and obey
Him until the very end. Jesus will never leave us and neither will He
forsake us but we have to stay with Him we have to follow and obey
Him and do what He commands or else we will not enter His kingdom.
Jesus said:"Why do
you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?" Many trust in
Jesus for salvation but they do not know Him, neither do they want to
know Him. They do not obey Him, they do not follow Him, they have
nothing to do with Him, but they claim salvation. They believe they
have security of salvation based on some Bible verses. They are
foolish because Jesus will say to them:"Go away I never knew
you, you workers of unrighteousness."
Do you know Jesus? Do you
follow and obey Him? Do not be deceived, if we do not obey and follow
Jesus Christ and know him for real, we will certainly not enter His
May Jesus bless you.

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