Friday, February 9, 2018

Foolish FAITH ALONE Believers Deceived and Lost

Countless foolish Christian believers
have been deceived by the FAITH ALONE deceptive teaching. We cannot
be saved by faith alone. That is a lie that is being preached and
believed by many people and they are going to hell because they are
believing lies. We cannot be saved by believing in Jesus Christ
alone. We have to put action to our faith. Faith without works is
dead. Faith without works cannot
save us.
If we believe in Jesus Christ, we have
to obey Him,we have to do what He commanded. Salvation is
conditional. If we believe in Jesus Christ then we must do what He
tells us to do. Faith always goes accompanied by works. When Peter
walked on the water, Jesus commanded him to get out of the boat and
walk to Him. If Peter never got out of that boat and did not take the
first step he would never have walked on water. Peter said to the
lame man:"In the name of Jesus Christ, get up and walk!" If
that lame man did not get up, he would never have walked. Faith
without works is dead. We need to obey Jesus Christ and follow Him to
have eternal life.
Jesus gives eternal life to those who
obey Him, who repent and are baptized in water, and who go after Him,
who follow Him all the way. He gives His Holy Spirit in those that
repent and are baptized and He guides them by the Holy Spirit. The
reason why most believers do not follow Jesus and they cannot hear
His voice is because they never obeyed Him from the beginning. They
never repented, where ever baptized in water, never received the
baptism in the Holy Spirit and they do not know His voice. They are
not following Him, and therefore they do not have the hope of
salvation because they don't know Jesus.
We only have the hope of salvation if
we obey Jesus Christ and keep on obeying Him until the very end. We
need to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, the words that He commanded;
repent and be baptized, live in righteousness and holiness according
to His words, turn away from sin, turn to Jesus, seek His guidance,
seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Go after Jesus every day and
obey Him, when he speaks to you. If we do not obey Jesus Christ we
will not have salvation. Many Christian believers, the world over,
are deceived and they believe that they have salvation, that they
will go to heaven if they die, just because they confess that they
believe in Jesus Christ, but they do not know Him. They do not obey
Him, they have no relationship with Him. They are deceived and they
will perish. Most Christian believers are on their way to hell. If we
do not obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, get to know Jesus, follow and
obey Him every day until the very end, we have no hope of salvation.
There is only one way to have eternal life and that is to follow and
obey Jesus Christ, to obey Him and to serve Him, to become part of
His kingdom and to serve Him as Lord and Master. Faith alone without
following Jesus will not save you.
Do not be deceived, like so many have
been deceived, and so many are walking in deception. They say they
are saved but they are following satan. They are of the world, they
are not of the kingdom of God. Have you been saved of your sin? Have
you turned away from your fruitless and senseless existence without
Jesus Christ? Have you repented and been baptized? Have you received
the baptism in the Holy Spirit and are you following Jesus Christ
under the guidance of His Holy Spirit? Do you truly have the hope of
May Jesus bless you.


  1. You are right brother. May God strengthen and heal you.

  2. Towards the end of this message you ask; have you received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. May I ask what you mean and if this is a subsequent event or does it occur at the time of salvation. Then how will I know that I have been baptised in the holy spirit, what will the sign be.

    1. Baptism in the Holy Spirit follows after repentance and baptism in water, as it also happened on the day of Pentecost and thereafter, with evidence of speaking in tongues. Read Acts chapter 2. Read also Acts 10.
      May Jesus bless you.

  3. The bible says that not all speak in tongues, would you then say that those who don't speak in tongues are not baptised in the holy spirit or them do not have the underlying of the Holy spirit

    1. Those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit DO speak in tongues. Not all have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.