Monday, February 12, 2018

Unity of the Faith

God is ONE and there is unity in the
Body of Christ, because every member of the Body of Christ is of the
same spirit and they are led by the same Spirit. They are directed by
the Head, Jesus Christ and they do His will. Why do we not see this
unity in the world today? It is because those who call themselves
believers and Christians do not have the Holy Spirit. They are not
led by the Holy Spirit. They do not belong to Jesus. They belong to
churches, ministries and organizations, and they are all running the
own direction. They say that they are part of the Body of Christ but
they are only members of a little group that has nothing to do with
Jesus Christ.
If we are in Christ, we will be of the
same Spirit, and we will do as Jesus Christ directs us. There are
some that are of that same Spirit that are in unity. They are in
unity with Jesus Christ. They are in Christ. They are scattered all
over the world. They are of different countries and different
cultures, but they are of the same Spirit, the Spirit of Christ,
because they follow Jesus Christ. Very few of these people ever come
together and meet together but they follow Jesus Christ. They are in
It is to no avail if we are part of a
group of people that have the same teachings and doctrines but we are
not of the body of Christ, we are not of Christ. If we are not led by
the Spirit of Christ we cannot do the will of Christ. We look back
into history and we see what happened with the first believers, how
they followed Jesus, and then we look back on our own history and we
see how churches have sprung up and how they have diverted the gospel
of Jesus Christ for their own benefit, they have built organizations
around their own doctrines and teachings. They call themselves the
body of Christ but they have nothing to do with Christ.
Unless we are in close relationship
with Jesus and follow Him every day, listen to His Holy Spirit, we
cannot be of the same spirit we cannot be in unity with Jesus Christ.
We might be in unity with some church group, but church groups are
divided against each other and they are divided against the kingdom
of God.
True unity is when we are in Christ and
when each member is doing the will of Christ, that to which the Holy
Spirit is guiding him. You will not enjoy the approval of church
people and other Christians but you will have the approval of Jesus
Christ if you are in Him. We need to be in Christ to be pleasing to
Him. God is doing a new thing. We cannot go back into history delve
into history and try to do what we think the will of God was. We need
to follow Jesus Christ every day, listen to Him and do His will, do
what He guides us into doing, and only then will we be ONE in Christ
or one in the faith and able to do the will of God.
Are we being led by the Spirit of God
or are we trying to emulate other people or doctrines or ideas,
because then we are not busy with the kingdom of God. We need to be
led by the Spirit of God every day, be tuned into the Holy Spirit but
firstly we've got to start right start, with Jesus, obey His
commands, repent and be baptized and then He will fill you with His
Holy Spirit if you seek Him, and only then can you follow Him and be
led by the Holy Spirit. Only then can we be one with Christ and one
in faith. There's only one God. there's only one Body. Are we part of
that body. Do we listen to the Head and follow Him? Are we doing the
will of God? are we part of the kingdom of God?
May Jesus bless you.


  1. Сделайте пожалуйста видео. Как правильно креститься. Кто должен крестить в воде?

  2. The correct way is to immerse under the water in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as Jesus commanded. It can be any water, a tub, a dam, river, pool - there must be enough water to submerge the person being baptized.
    May Jesus bless you.

  3. Hello Jan. But Who can baptize me? Can a woman Do it? Must this Person even have a baptize? Thank you

    1. Any other follower of Jesus can baptize you, man or woman.
      May Jesus bless you.

  4. Peter and the Apostles baptized in the name of Jesus Christ (which is the name OF the Father, the name OF the Son, and the name OF the Holy Ghost).