Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jesus will make a way

With Jesus all things are possible. If
we decide to follow Jesus Christ then it might seem that some things
that He expects of us are impossible to do, but with Jesus we can
achieve and do everything that He requires of us. Some people say
they cannot stop sinning, they say it is impossible. With Jesus it is
possible to stop sinning.
Some people are in wrong relationships.
They might be in adultery or they might be in fornication and they
don't know how to break up that relationship. They might be doing a
job that forces them to do things that are against the will of God.
If we are serious about following Jesus we must take our problem to
Him. Say:"Lord I want to follow Thee, but please help me,"
and Jesus will make a way. Jesus makes a way when it seems
impossible, because with Jesus nothing is impossible.
When Jesus tells us to do something we
might think that it cannot be done, but if we commit our ways to Him
and we ask Him for His guidance and intervention, then we are
surprised how Jesus works things out for us to be able to do His
will. For those who wish to follow Jesus, who wish to be godly and
pleasing to Jesus, nothing is impossible, if they go to Jesus, if
they commit to Jesus. If we are serious about following Jesus then
nothing will be impossible for us to do, what He requires of us to
do. If He sends us, He will support us. If He tells us to do
something, He will make it possible, but we have to be committed to
Jesus and we have to be willing to do His will. If we are not willing
to stop sinning, if we are not willing to turn away from wrong if we
are not willing to obey Jesus, then those things are impossible, but
if we committed to follow Jesus and if we are committed to be
pleasing to Him, then He makes all things possible.
Just bow down before Him, pray and ask
Him, and see how Jesus makes away. Jesus makes a way where it seems
impossible because with Jesus nothing is impossible. We can do all
things through Jesus Christ who gives us the strength and who guides
May Jesus bless you.

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