Thursday, March 22, 2018

Captives of Church CANNOT Follow Jesus

There are many serious believers in
churches who truly want to serve the kingdom of God but they are
trapped in churches. What they do not realize is that as long as they
are bound to the church organization and subject themselves to the
church leadership, they cannot follow Jesus and be pleasing to Him.
The only way that we can be part of the kingdom of God is when we
follow and serve the King, Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
Church organizations brainwash
believers to believe that the church is part of the kingdom of God
and that by supporting and working for the church, that they are
indeed serving the kingdom of God. The leadership. preachers,
pastors and clergy teach believers to submit themselves to the rule,
discipline and control of the church leadership. Believers are
taught the doctrines of the church, which are supported by verses
from the Bible. The Bible is used to mesmerize believers and keep
them spellbound.
The Bible has been translated and
twisted in such a way as to support worldly church organizations.
That is why the Bible is effectively used as a tool to control and
keep believers captive. The Bible is regarded as the infallible word
of God, by the churches, and they thus use their interpretation or
twisted application of the Bible verses to rule over and thus to bind
and control the believers. They become captives of the church because
they believe that their eternal salvation depends on their church
membership and their dedication to the church doctrines and
leadership. They are burdened by rules and regulations, bound to
tithe, pay 10% of their gross income, and more, to the church and to
support church projects. They are led to believe that if they do not
pay these taxes to the church, they will end up in hell. Guilt is
piled on them if they do not attend church meetings, at which
occasions they are further brainwashed and indoctrinated into bondage
of the church. All along Bible verses are twisted and used to
chastise and subdue believers into submission.

The whole concept of a church
organization is worldly, satanic and antichrist. It is totally
opposed to the teachings of Jesus. It is satan's version of the Body
of Christ, the true Church, the Ekklesia. Members of the ekklesia,
the true church, have been literally "called out" of the
world (in Greek ekklesia is related to kaleo, "to call")
in order to live free of its dictates and to belong fully, at every
moment, to Jesus and to one another. You cannot belong to the
Ekklesia and to a worldly church organization.

Many of those believers who are trapped
in the churches read the Bible for themselves and realize that the
church teachings and practices do not comply with what they read in
the Bible. They compare different Bible translations and soon learn
about the lies and deception, the twisted meaning of many translated
verses. Some of them question and object to these differences but
they are quickly reminded not to be rebellious but to submit to the
church leadership or else to face exclusion, discipline, rejection,
even persecution, by church leadership and the other members. They
give in to the pressure. For fear of rejection by friends, family and
their brainwashed community, they do not follow the truth but remain
captives of the church.

The gospel of Jesus Christ, which is
the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, leads those who believe and thus
follow and obey Him, to eternal life. It calls them out, to become
the Ekklesia, "called out" of the world in order to live
free of its dictates and to belong fully, at every moment, to Jesus
and to follow Him.
The rules of the Kingdom of God were
delivered by Jesus Himself and were recorded in the gospels, Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John. Those are the teachings of Jesus, the words of
eternal life, for those who obey them and live by them. We are called
to turn from sin and from following after worldly desires,
achievements and pleasures, to deny ourselves and follow Jesus. Jesus
promised to give His Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in those who obey His
teachings, who repent and are baptized in water and who come after
Him. The Hoy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, will guide them into all
truth if they stay with Him until the end of their life. They are
the true church, the Ekklesia, the called out ones, that do not
follow after men, are not part of church organizations. They follow
Jesus, under guidance of the Holy Spirit because they are FREE from
the bondage of the worldly church system.

You cannot follow Jesus and be part of
the Kingdom of God if you stay in the bondage of church. You must
serve the Master, Jesus Christ, not the pastor. Turn to Jesus, seek
Him with all your heart. Read and obey His teachings as recorded in
the gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke and John. Repent and be baptized
(baby baptism is not valid), go after Jesus, pray, ask Him to baptize
you in the Holy Spirit, then stay with Him and follow the guidance of
the Holy Spirit, until the end.

Get out of church, follow Jesus and
become part of the Kingdom of God.

May Jesus bless you.

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