Monday, March 19, 2018

Where He Leads Me, Do I Follow?

Most believers have their own vision
and their own idea of what they want to do for Jesus, what they want
to do for the kingdom of God. Many of them are very ambitious but
Jesus is not interested in our vision, neither in our ideas, because
Jesus has one simple commission, He says:"Follow Me." It is
not where I want to go, what I want to do for Jesus that is important
to Him. That is like little children building sand castles to try and
impress their parents. It means nothing to the kingdom of God. What
is important to Jesus is for Me to follow Him. To go where He sends
me, to be available for Him and His kingdom, to listen to Him and to
do what He tells me to do. If Jesus did not send us we are not
following Him.
Many believers are on their own mission
and they say its for Jesus, and they want Jesus to bless their
mission, but Jesus is not running after you or me. Jesus says:"Follow
Me." We can only please Him and be of value for His kingdom if
we follow Him where He sends us, if we go where he takes us. Jesus
has sent me and taken me far away from where I ever thought I would
go. He is making me do and say things that I've never thought of, but
I've learned that if I did not receive it from Jesus then it is not
pleasing to Him. There's only one person that we need to please and
that is Jesus and if we are still seeking to please ourselves, our
own ambitions, our own visions and other people, then we are not busy
with the kingdom of God. What is important to Jesus is that we follow
Him. That is the only way that we can please Him.
There's an old song that says:"Where
He leads me, I will follow." How many of us have learned to wait
on Jesus, to follow him very few practicing Christians know the voice
of Jesus very few of following Him. Very few are pleasing to Him.
Jesus Christ is the way, He is the truth and the life, but we have to
follow Him. We have to go where He sends us. We have to live His way.
We have to seek to please Him, if we don't and if we do not live in
communion with Him, in fellowship with him in obedience to Him
following Him, step by step, then we are lost, we are in darkness.
The question is: Am I following Jesus?
Am where He wants me to be? Am I doing what He wants me to do? Do I
receive guidance from Him? Do I follow and obey and do I receive
confirmation from Him that I am pleasing to Him? How real is my
relationship with Jesus? Am I really following Him or am I following
rules and doctrines of men, my own ideas that I've put together from
my own understanding of the Bible, or am I indeed being led by the
Holy Spirit? Am I walking with a Master? If I'm not walking with the
Master I am in grave danger of ending up in damnation.
We have to follow the Master and do
what is pleasing to Him. Are we following where Jesus guides us? May
Jesus bless you.

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