Friday, March 30, 2018

Only Jesus Can Help You

We will all die and we will all appear
before the judgment throne of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ alone will
decide who will go into heaven and who will go into hell.
Jesus warned that on that day, He will
say to many people:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of
wickedness." Many of them will be believers, because they
believed in Jesus but they never followed Him and nor obeyed Him.
They never got to know Him for real. The only person who can help us,
the only person who can give us eternal life, is Jesus Christ. He is
alive. All power and all authority belongs to Him and the final
judgment belongs to Him. We need to seek Jesus while He may be found.
The moment we die it is too late, but if we call on Jesus and seek
Him with all our heart He will give us life. We have to obey His
words; repent be baptized in water and go after Him. Follow Him. He
will give his Holy Spirit in us to teach and guide us. The Holy
Spirit will guide us into all truth and will tell us all things. We
will get to know Jesus Christ for real.
Do you know Jesus and does He know you?
What will Jesus say to you when you stand before Him in judgment.
Will He know you, or will He say to you:"Go away I never knew
you."? Get to know Jesus now before it is for ever too late.
Only Jesus can help you.
May Jesus bless you.

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