Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting Answers From Jesus Christ

A follower of Jesus and gets his
guidance and direction from Jesus, because he is following Jesus.
Most professing Christians do not receive their guidance or wisdom
from Jesus Christ. They follow their own mind or they follow the
advice of other people. Some of them ask the pastor and others go
look for direction in the Bible, but they are not following Jesus.
If we are truly Christians and
followers of Jesus we will seek our guidance from Him. We will pray
and wait on Him and He will guide us. If we are truly serious about
following Jesus Christ we will ask Him for guidance and we will do
what He commands us to do. We have to be serious about following
Jesus Christ and He will answer us. Pray and wait on Him. Trust Him
and He will answer you, but if you're not serious you will not get an
answer, or you will not accept the answer when He does speak to you,
because you do not trust Him. First make up your mind whether you
truly trust in Jesus, whether you really want to follow Him and then
you can ask Him for guidance and for wisdom, and He will give it to
you, but if you don't trust Him you will not receive anything from
His sheep hear His voice and they
follow Him. Are we His sheep? Do we hear Him and do we follow Him?
May Jesus bless you.

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