Friday, March 23, 2018

His Name is Jesus

The name most hated, feared and
rejected even by many professing Christians is Jesus. Many reject His
name and want others to call Him by His Hebrew name, Yeshua. These
people do not know Jesus. If they did they would know that His Name
is Jesus.
Jesus Christ has revealed Himself to me
as Jesus. I have fought and overcome the devil in the Name of Jesus.
There is no other name by which men shall be saved. There is power
and victory in the Name of Jesus and that is why satan will do
anything to prevent you from using the name Jesus, other than to use
it as a curse word.
Do not let anyone deceive you into
using any other name for our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.


  1. Dear brother in the Lord, You have by the grace of Almighty God spoken things that many do not understand. God has given you boldness. The righteous are as boldness as a Lion. I am very thankful to God for you.
    I have a very deep relationship with the Spirit of Holiness myself and years ago the Lord told me to learn Hebrew. Not my choice but His. One of the first things He taught me before He told me to learn Hebrew was that His name was not Jesus but Yeshua. How that happened was a was listening to a song that was using the name Yeshua and I thought to myself that I had heard His name was Yeshua but like you I was saved in the name of Jesus. The Lord then spoke to my heart and said to me "when I walked this Earth I never heard the name Jesus because it didn't exist. He said to me " My mother didn't call Me Jesus nor did the disciples nor pilate nor Herod, no one because My name is Yeshua." Later the Lord told me to learn Hebrew and as I was learning Hebrew I realized what the name Yeshua meant. I had asked the Lord what the scriptures meant by "believe in the name of Jesus." "How do you believe in the name?" The name isn't Jesus, it's Yeshua and the name Yeshua literally means "He (God) will save" the name comes from the word "salvation" so when the scriptures say to believe in the name it is literally saying to believe in God's salvation which is the Messiah the son of God and His name literally means salvation. Salvation comes from the Jews (Jesus) (Yeshua-salvation)came from the Jews literally). If you were a Spanish speaking person you would fight for the name Heysouse (not correct spelling but hopefully you get my dreft) but he was Jewish and so were his disciples and His mother and so on. They spoke Hebrew. I could go on and on and on about this cause the Lord has taken me through hell delivering me from the apostate church and all the false teaching.
    I had asked the Lord years ago saying Lord I want to know You and this has been an answer to prayer and very difficult to say the least. I had to let go of traditional teaching. The Messianic movement is not God but bringing us back to our Jewish roots and truth of who He is is of God. The scriptures in the Hebrew are infallible but translating them into English is more difficult,that's why we need the Holy Spirit. Paul knew Hebrew and the Scriptures but it was not until he was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit that He understood the scriptures. I can read, write, and speak Hebrew and there are times I am reading the scriptures in English and the Lord will have me look certain things up in my Hebrew Bible and the English translation is way off. As far as the new testament and especially the gospels, I believe we're written in Hebrew and not in Greek but for sure they weren't spoken in Greek. Yeshua a Jewish man would not have spoken in Greek to a crowd of Jews. John (Yochanon in Hebrew) when having a visition by a Jewish Yeshua would not have spoken to Jewish John in Greek. John was given a Revelation of Yeshua in his native tongue. Two Jews communicating would speak to one another in Hebrew. And John was a fisherman not a educated man. He would not have written in Hebrew.
    When Constantine legalized Christianity and forced everyone to be Christians he most likely destroyed all the hebrew manuscripts of the new testament. There are other writings that state that Matthew was written in Hebrew. And we have fragments of John written in Hebrew and there is in existence a copy of Matthew written in Hebrew which is older than the Greek manuscripts.
    I could go on for hours with all the Lord has taught me over the years. And I understand you not liking His name not being Jesus but it's not. His name is Yeshua. Ask Him if what I have said is truth. You know He will show you.
    May the Lord bless you. May truth be found in your innermost being. He has taught you alot.