Thursday, March 15, 2018

Not An Easy Way Into Heaven

There is no easy way to get into
heaven. Neither can you get into heaven by reading a book, by reading
the Bible, if that was true then you would have no need for Jesus.
Many people think they only need to
believe in Jesus to have salvation and go into heaven if they die.
They are deceived. Jesus Christ is the only way. His words are the
way to eternal life, the words that He spoke, the gospel of Jesus
Christ as also recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. But even if
you just read the gospel of Jesus Christ it cannot save you if you do
not obey His words.
If you truly believe in Jesus and you
obey His words, repent and be baptized in water and live according to
His words, then He promised the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the
Guide, the Coach, His Spirit will come and dwell with us to teach us
and to guide us, to lead us step-by-step. Without Jesus, without His
Holy Spirit, we cannot find the way, because the Holy Spirit is given
by Jesus to teach and guide every believer who truly wants to follow
Him, but if you do not obey the words of Jesus and if you do not
receive and obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will not find
the way.
There is only one way and that is Jesus
Christ. There's only one way that leads to life and that is the way
that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, will guide you, If you
listen and if you follow Him, and while you are listening and while
you were following Jesus you've got to live according to His words.
You've got to live in obedience to His words; sin no more, live in
holiness and righteousness, listen to His voice, obey Him, do what He
tells you to do. Follow him step-by-step, every day. If you don't,
you won't find the way, because without Jesus you will not find the
entrance to heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way. We need to know
Him, listen to Him, follow Him and obey Him, every step of the way
until the very end.
You cannot make it on your own. There
is no easy way. There's only one way and that is Jesus, and the
guidance of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Have you received the Holy
Spirit and do you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day?
Are you on the way, are you following Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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