Thursday, March 1, 2018

True Disciples are Taught By God

Truly born again children of God are
followers of Jesus Christ. They are disciples of Jesus. They follow
Jesus Christ. They do not follow after anybody else.
Jesus is their teacher. They are not
taught by other people. They belong to Jesus they do not belong to
other groups, or to churches. They belong to Jesus Christ. Most
believers are taught by a church, a pastor, a teacher; they are
proselytes of that religious organization. They are not followers of
Jesus Christ. If we are truly born again we will be taught by God, we
will be taught by Jesus, we will not follow after other people. We
will not seek advice and wisdom from others. We will ask Jesus, we
will follow Him. We will be taught by Him. He will be our teacher,
just like the disciples of Jesus Christ. They followed Him. They did
not belong to some or other organization or a church. They did not
listen to the teachings of other people. They followed Jesus. They
listened to His teachings. He taught them. He guided them, and after
Jesus was crucified and resurrected and ascended to heaven, He did
not leave them as orphans. He gave His Holy Spirit. He sent His Holy
Spirit to be with them, to teach them, and to guide them, the
Comforter. the Comforter guided them into all truth, and that very
same Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Jesus also promised to all those who
would believe in Him, to us who profess to believe in Jesus Christ.
If we obey His words, repent and be baptized, and live according to
His instructions, then He will give his Holy Spirit to be with us, to
be in us, Christ in us. He Himself will teach us and will guide us.
Those who are being led by the Spirit of God they are the children of
God. They are taught by God.
Now the question to you and to me is:
Who are we following? Who is our teacher? Who do we belong to? Is
Jesus our Teacher, our Leader? Do we belong to Him or are we
religious? Do we belong to some church or organization? Are we taught
by other people? Have we become followers of men instead of
followers of Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ Himself alone is the way and
the truth and the life. If we do not follow Him, we are in darkness.
His sheep hear His voice. They listen to Him, they follow Him.
Are we His sheep? Are we being taught
by Jesus or are we being taught by somebody else? Are we following
Jesus or are we following after men? Are we truly followers of Jesus
Christ? Are we His disciples?
May Jesus bless you.

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